Program and Event Schedule

October 18, 2013
Kendade Science Center

12:00-6:00 PM

Students will be presenting in thematic panels.  Each student will start broadly by giving the audience a sense of the context of the internship or research project.  If it was an internship, what organization?  What was the mission of the organization?  What was the student's role in the office?  If a student conducted research, where did the research take place? And, how was information gathered (for example, in a lab, library archives, or through interviews, fieldwork)?

Students will select one or two main points of their summer project and give the audience concrete examples of their work.  If it was an internship, how does the work  completed over the summer relate to the overall goals of the host organization?  If it was a research project, how does the research relate to the student's academic program at Mount Holyoke?  How were prior expectations and assumptions challenged by the experience? What are the next steps? How has this summer experience shaped professional and personal goals?

Presentations will last 12 minutes.  There will be a timer at each session to inform the presenter of how much time she has remaining (e.g., the timer will indicate when the speaker has 3 minutes remaining, and then again when she has 1 minute remaining.)