Session III

October 17, 2014

Carr 102 As Not Seen on TV:
The Realities of the Legal Profession
Pop culture television shows such as “House of Cards,” “The Good Wife,” and “Law and Order” do not have enough time to paint a full picture of what it means to be a lawyer or policy maker. These shows capture the highs and lows of the profession but often leave out what it takes to achieve real success.  What's missing are the skills of crafting well-written memos,  the long hours of research, and the effort that goes into producing thought-provoking briefs. This past summer, we embarked on four different journeys that explored various aspects of law and legislation. As a result of these experiences, we are better positioned to understand the realities of practicing law as opposed to what is commonly seen on television.
 Grow Where You Are Planted
 From ABC to NBC: The Untold Stories of a Legal Intern
Sarah C. Hayden  For the People: Constituents, Communication, and Congress
Julia L. Montiel  Getting Intimate with Law
Clapp 203 Drop Kicked into Reality:
New Experiences in New Venues
From investigating on the streets of New Orleans to working on Capitol Hill, to strengthening relations between the U.S. and Africa, and coordinating with public news organizations, there are many intersections between the government and community. Each panelist worked with government entities in new places and with different communities, encountering many challenges along the way. Between living on their own and encountering workplace challenges, their new experiences were the catalyst to deeper understandings of themselves and the wider world.
 Doing Something Different: When Your Internship Isn’t in Your Major
Elizabeth L. Casey-Rutland  The Young African Leaders Initiative and Community Engagement
Dessirett Barbudo  Working on the Hill
Alessandra Early  The Defense Never Rests: A Glimpse into the World of Criminal Investigation
Clapp 206 Finding Our Niche
From a financial administrator in a beauty shop to a gastrointestinal researcher in a cancer hospital, our common experience of finding our true interests connects us. An English, Neuroscience, Economics, and Spanish major all held internships relating to their fields but were able to carve out niches. By discovering the marriage between classroom leadership and practical leadership, they fostered their strengths and found ways to be leaders in fields that often required them to follow instead of to lead. Under close mentorship, the necessity of self-motivation and initiative strengthened their work ethics and expanded their interests beyond the confines of their majors.
 Monitoring the Struggles of Patients with Gastroparesis
 The Unexpectedly Positive: Learning About Leadership at a Language School
Nayaris Pena  The Entrepreneur of My Own Destiny
Ashley M. Avila  Transcending the Boundaries of Your Major
Cleveland L1 Self Motivations:
Projects of Your Own Creation
What do you do when your project does not fulfill your expectations? Get creative. In any internship or research project motivation is key. Our group will discuss our mutual experiences with designing and redefining the focus of our internships and summer research. We all had similar experiences with shifting our expectations to create a more sustainable and engaging project. Each member of our group will touch on our different fields of interest whether it be sociology, sleep medicine, the arts, or creative writing. We will discuss what drove us in our pursuits of our respective subjects and how self-motivation led us to create a successful summer for ourselves.
 An Exploration of the Arts
Tashi Shuler-Drakes  Creating Paths: Navigating Your Passions, Realities and Capabilities
Anna Berlin  Freedom Summer: An Independent Research & Writing Project
Nishath Rahman  Sleeping Away: Everything You Missed out on about Sleep Disorders
Cleveland L2 Bridging the Gap between Passions and Education
How do multiple disciplines influence human perception to improve our lives? In this panel, language, technology, products, fashion, and analysis come together to express an unconventional way of cultivating the individual.  Each of us intersects at the point of human perception; we each interned/researched in areas that catered to people. We communicated using non-traditional vehicles and a spectrum of methods, which allowed us to excel in our fields while realizing the changes that are needed within society.  Each of us was able to apply our analytical and communicative skills, which we have gained from our liberal arts experience, in order to change human perception within our work fields.  Each of us spent time dealing directly or indirectly with the ways and qualities with which people live their lives, trying to improve certain values.
 Thinking In Opposites: An Investigation on Math and Beauty
Tracy Zisiga Mukulu  Designing for the Other
Malka Katzav  A Multi-Faceted Approach
Shani Mensing  What is Computer Science?
Cleveland L3 Lost in Translation:
Discovering Cultural and Global Perspectives
International development and museum work are forums in which one can accessibly interact with people of various cultural and linguistic backgrounds.  Embarking on our journey at a chateau in France, we then move to a medieval piazza in Italy, then to rural villages in Ghana, and conclude our journey in the bustling city of Taipei. Through tour guiding, translating, fieldwork, and press releases, we gradually learned to embrace cultural differences and values and challenged ourselves as global citizens and leaders.  Our presentation will encompass tourist destinations, a public health non-governmental organization (NGO), and an artistic platform for community.  Through our experiences abroad, we not only acquired new perspectives on our respective countries, but also realized our individual abilities to adapt and thrive in various geographical and diverse settings, regardless of social, economic, and cultural differences.
 A New Perspective on a Familiar City
Ava M. Gurekian  Chantilly: A Crossroads of Language, History, and Culture
C.J. Bellucci-DiLizia  Cultures, Museums and My Place Somewhere in Between
Connie Turkson  Interning for a Non-Governmental Organization Abroad
Kendade 107 Bridging the Gap: Addressing Social Inequalities through Education
Students in this panel dedicated their summer to educate communities and themselves about social injustices. In striving for social justice these students worked toward equity in access to education while countering the silence associated with social taboos. Students focused on projects to enhance learning environments in an underserved school district, as well as advocating against housing discrimination by promoting awareness regarding availability of fair housing. Others used education to challenge misinformation in the field of sexual health, and address the plague and taboo of sexual violence in American society. This panel explores the role of education in breaking the silence, filling gaps, and empowering individuals to advocate for themselves and others in the pursuit of equity in their communities.
 Sex Toys 101 and Beyond
 Internal Pressure and Opportunities
Catheleen Heyliger  Stronger Together: A Community-Based Approach to Address Sexual Violence against Women of Color
Audrey Sekendur  Strategies for Building Inclusive Communities: A “Pen Pal” Curriculum in the Making
Kendade 203 Chicken Soup for the Curious Soul:
Feeding your passions through the Liberal Arts
As the world around us grows to value highly technical and vocational skills, some question if the liberal arts still have a place. This panel will showcase how to apply a Liberal Arts education to the workforce. Using our interdisciplinary backgrounds, we were empowered to pursue internships that were unconventional and unique given our majors. No matter what perspective we gained from our summer experiences, we feel confident that we are not limited by what we are studying. The fields of academia, law, motivational psychology, and television production stand to benefit from people who can bring creative insights to problem solving.
 If There's a Fork in the Road, Take It.
Grether Barbon  Does Your Major Really Matter?
Kimberlyn Fong  Chasing the Dream at 30 Rockefeller Center
Stephanie Smith  Know Your Rights - y Tus Derechos
Kendade 303 Shaking Hands with Strangers:
Knowing Your Audience in PR and Marketing
What does a small organic honey enterprise in India have in common with a big German retailer? They are both brands, with elaborate public relations and marketing teams working behind them, building their successful images and spreading their messages to the world. Think about any public figure or company; you know their name and believe in their brand because your perception is strategically shaped behind the scenes. From market research and branding strategies to publication and advertising, each process subtly shapes a brand's unique story. This panel will take you on a journey from building a brand to connecting it with a target audience, from strategy to implementation.
 Sharpening Brand Strategy and Transforming Markets
Emily M. Fornshell  University PR: Publication & Communication
Phyu-Sin Than  From Production to Sales: Creating a Market for Specialty Honey
Hannah Thornton  Wine Country in New York City: My Summer as a PR Intern and Honorary Wino
Kendade 305 Where Does Today Meet Yesterday?:
Sharing History with the Public
How do you share history with the public? This summer, each of us sought an answer to this question. Whether at a museum, archive, or historic site, we explored the many opportunities available in the field of public history. Each of our internships allowed us to combine our academic interests and our professional goals. We learned to think in different ways and developed valuable skills, including research, public speaking, interpretation, and event planning. Ultimately, we indulged our interest in the past while gaining valuable experience that will inform our future.
 Living With History: Spending a Summer at Historic Deerfield
Rebecca Brenner  Frances Perkins Center Internship
Nicole Perkins  Doing History at Plimoth
Margaret Lee Stanne  Drawing Connections Between Past and Present