2013 Session I: 12:30-1:40pm

October 18, 2013

Clapp 218 Peek Into the Real World:
Perspectives on Consultancy
The consultancy industry caters to all. From the private sector to the government, and from institutions to individuals, everyone needs help making decisions. Although we had the similar objectives of helping other firms and individuals, our fields and tasks ranged from planning business strategies to finding the right career path. We hope to communicate the valuable insights we gained from our experiences in the professional world. This presentation will address the challenges, expectations, disappointments, and realizations that gave us a Peek into the Real World. We will provide a window into the various types of consulting and show the personal career exploration that occurred for each of us.
Namuun Purevdorj Does My Title Define My Career?
Ellaha Sharifi Is this what I Really Want to Do?
Rudmila Salek How Often Does Expectation Meet Reality?
Rachel Phares Is it Okay to Have No Problems?
Kendade 303 Shifting Perspectives:
Traversing Culture through Education
Education is a forum by which one can accessibly interact with various cultures. Beginning in our own backyard in rural West Virginia, we will venture through educational settings in Italy, Bhutan, and Japan. Throughout our various experiences, whether they involved designing a curriculum, interacting with students, or program development, we confronted different cultural norms and challenged ourselves as leaders. We will reflect thoughtfully upon the application of our Mount Holyoke education to our internship experiences at universities, educational non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and private corporations. Within this educational forum, we as interns not only gained insight into our host cultures, but also became more aware of our own identities, values, and differences.
Brooke Huynh From Moho to Mountains: Exploring Alternative Education in Appalachia
Alessandra Baffa Summer in La Serenissima: Translating Culture through Language in Venice, Italy
Ami Terachi My Truth and Your Truth: Navigating Different Perspectives at READ Bhutan
Gabrielle Gutierrez I’m the Teacher…Now What?: Reflecting on Challenges and Successes in a Foreign Educational Setting
Kendade 305 Behind the Frame:
A Glimpse into the World of Art and Museums
Through our domestic and international internships, each of us explored different aspects that make up the art world. We will focus on presenting the general process involved in creating an exhibit and sharing it with the public: from buying and selling art, to curating an exhibit, to the work involved with giving tours, making exhibits accessible, and general public outreach. From the West Coast to the East Coast, and from New York to Paris - each student put her skills to test in different capacities that, when combined, make up the world of art and museums.
Isabella Jiang A Taste of the Auction House
Iris Pavitt Bison, Bandits, and Bricks: Local History on Orcas Island
Emily Wells Connecting Past and Present: Exploring a Career in Museums While Working as a Curatorial Intern
Emily Whitney Chantilly: An International Treasure of Art & Culture
Lily Corman Penzel Baby Steps and Reality Checks: My Experience with Museum Accessibility
Cleveland L1 Designers in the World of Biomedicine,
Part 1: Leading the Way to Vaccine and Drug Development
The goal of 21st century biomedicine is to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines. It translates work from the ‘bench’ to clinical practice and vice versa in a seamless continuum for better diagnosis and treatment. Our joint panel reflects on our individual internship experiences and participation in cutting edge research. We will share our challenges, achievements, what we learnt and how we grew on both personal and professional levels.
Ana Capi Complement Receptor 1: The Missing Part of the Puzzle in Understanding Infection by EpsteinBarr Virus
Mtise Mwanza Immunotherapy: Altering Immune Responses to Combat Food Allergic Reactions
Gladys Saruchera Co-crystal Engineering-Improving the Characteristics of Indomethacin Drug through Crystallography
Cleveland L2 Applied Networking:
How Each of Us Got Our Foot in the Door
It is often said, “It is not what you know, but who you know.” While this can seem daunting, networking is not as scary as it seems. Many times, it can lead to opportunities, but often it is not easy to know who to talk to or where to begin. Our panel will discuss how networking plays out in internships that range from writing policy, working on Broadway, and tracking TV ratings in The Big Apple, to observing stars in Wyoming. Our summer experiences not only expanded our networks, but also helped us to overcome obstacles, and realize post-graduation ambitions.
Erica Keller Shooting for the Stars in Astronomical Research
Kimberlyn Fong Cutting the Cord: An Evolving Story of TV Ratings
Katie Sumi It’s Easy Being Green: Backstage at Wicked
Alexis Marek Street Smarts: An Unpaid Intern’s Tale of Surviving NYC
Cleveland L3 Internships at UNICEF
As summer interns from UNICEF Headquarters in New York City and the Regional Office in Bangkok, we hope to use our panel to promote awareness about the opportunities to intern at UNICEF through the McCulloch Center. Additionally, we provide an overview of the organizational structure and the various engagements of one of the largest multilateral agencies in the world. Drawing on our varied experiences, we will highlight work with policy and strategy, statistical analysis, research and regional specialization at UNICEF.
Shaheen Madraswala What Will the World Look Like for Children in 2050?
Nazifa Tasnim Fighting Child Poverty through Research: Purpose and Process of Policy Research at UNICEF Headquarters
Judy Qiu Social Policy at UNICEF: Connecting the Regional Office to Country Offices and Strategic Program Development
Yuxiao Liu Start Now and Get Prepared!
Carr 102 Nurturing the Environment:
Empowering Habitats and Analyzing Communities at the Macro and Micro Levels
This panel will explore patterns of development and nutrient cycling within big and small ecosystems. We will show how healthy habitats free from anthropogenic activities are vital to our Earth. Due to increasing global temperatures and the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, ecosystems worldwide have been affected as well as organic farms. This pivotal time for our environment emphasizes the importance of ecosystems such as peatlands and salt marshes as they act as carbon sinks. This past summer we all worked towards nurturing the environment by interacting with plants, empowering habitats and contributing to the understanding of different ecosystems’ purpose and functions.
Alex Trost Community Sustained Agricultural Projects (CSA’s) are an Alternate Way to Feed a Population
Laurel Balcanoff Cultural and Self-Sustaining Immersion in the South of France
Veronica De Jesus The Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Program partners with NOAA to Offer Undergraduate Summer Internship Opportunities
Sabrina Livne-Kennedy The Importance of Peatlands and Conducting Research
Kendade 203 at 1:00 (starts late) Rethinking the Melting Pot:
The Role of Non-Profits in Servicing Immigrant Communities in the United States
Three women get an in-depth look at what it's like to work at a non-profit organization serving the needs of immigrant communities in Seattle and New York City. Their duties went beyond their titles, as they found themselves empowering workers to fight for their rights, rallying community members at a courthouse, and registering voters at a mosque. They worked in organizations that struggled to provide crucial and desperately needed services in an understaffed and under-funded environment. In jobs that brought them face-to-face with people living through hardships, these individuals were deeply moved and inspired by their experiences.
Kelly Lhungay Engaging the Voice of a Community
Hanna Negussie Seyoum Legal Aid and Beyond
Sonam Dolker Empowering a Community