2013 Session II: 1:45-2:55pm

October 18, 2013

Clapp 218 Transnational Healthcare, Migration and Language:
Exploring Social Identity and Human Rights
In order to advocate for the human rights of particular social groups, it is important to research the population in question before attempting to advocate on their behalf. Within these three presentations on pre-Hispanic language preservation, archaeological and anthropological research of undocumented migration, and increasing health care for prenatal and postpartum mothers, each individual examines a particular situation in which basic human rights of certain social identity groups are threatened. In these situations, the panelists worked directly with organizations that advocate for change, like Mother Woman and the National Institute of Indigenous Languages, or contributed to a field of contemporary research, as does The Undocumented Migration Project. Through these projects, this panel represents ongoing social movements and phenomena occurring in the U.S., Mexico, and their shared borderlands, all of which profoundly affect the lives of the North American population.
Jessica L. Avery  Maternal Health Policy, and Human Rights
Pavel J. López Linguistic Rights and Policy in Multilingual Mexico
Hannah Kass Understanding Undocumented Migration through Anthropology and Archeology
Kendade 203 Sustainable Development:
Good Business or Business for Good
If there is enough for all, why don’t all have enough? Arguably the most pressing global concerns are poverty alleviation and environmental conservation. This summer, our four panelists learned that the key to sustainable development is a combination of both environmental and economic efforts. Whether planting trees, educating individuals about hunger and poverty, fighting for the rights of workers in developing countries, or providing solar energy to impoverished communities, we contributed to the common goal of sustainable development. This panel will address the intersections between profitable business and business for the benefit of humanity.
Callie Renner The Link between Environmental Restoration and Economic Opportunity
Nana Esi Hammah Thinking Twice; Buying With a Conscience
Gengjie Hunger-a Violation of Human Rights
Rudo Mudzi Lighting up Developing Nations through Solar Energy
Kendade 303 Transitions:
Engineering the Liberal Arts
What does studying engineering at a liberal arts college look like and mean? What are the paths of study open to engineering students at Mount Holyoke College? Engineering and the liberal arts may seem worlds apart at first glance, but here at Mount Holyoke College, we have several students who have found their niche in precisely this academic intersection.  Bringing together student researchers studying engineering as a Nexus minor, dual degree, or a new interest, this panel explores internships in a variety of engineering fields – from engineering design and management, to petroleum and civil engineering. This panel aims to communicate how an engineering internship enhances a liberal arts education and college experience, shape career goals, and how you can do the same!
Ednah Louie Iterations: Modifying and Designing Research Devices (and a Liberal Arts Education)
Carley Przystac Complexities: Traffic Safety Engineering, Psychology, and Environmental Factors
Lucia Garcia Connections: Liberal Arts & Petroleum Engineering
Indira Rakhimzyanova Implementation: From Engineering to Business
Kendade 305 Internships Gone Wrong:
Coping when Your Expectations Are Not Met
The focus of this panel is to provide students with insight on how an internship has the potential to go wrong and how to effectively cope with unmet expectations. The speakers will provide an oversight on how they found and obtained their respective internships and speak about their personal experiences throughout the process. These personal anecdotes will reveal the challenges they faced and how they worked to get the most out of an unexpected experience. Specifically, they will shed light on what to do when your job duties and outcomes are not what you imagined, how to cope when you are trying your best and get limited results, and to deal with both internal and external obstacles.
Alicia Redondo I’m Not an Academic but that’s Okay: Embracing My Inner Fox
Austin Terry Be Careful Who You Dig For
Mengtian Guo The Biggest Thing You Can Change is Yourself
Huong Nguyen Accessible law: Providing Everyone a New Understanding On Legal Services in Vietnam
Cleveland L1 Designers in the World of Biomedicine, Part 2:
Computational Biology
The goal of 21st century biomedicine is to integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines. It translates work from the ‘bench’ to clinical practice and vice versa in a seamless continuum for better diagnosis and treatment. Our joint panel reflects on our individual internship experiences and participation in cutting edge research. We will share our challenges, achievements, what we learnt and how we grew on both personal and professional levels.
Suk-Lin Zhou Functional Network Comparison of Genome Scale Metabolic Reconstructions of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Sangeeta Warrier Breaking it Down: Mathematically Modeling Protein Localization in Caulobacter Crescentus
Marina Mendes Methods to Analyze Discrete Logical Models of Cell Signaling
Phoebe Sun Magnetic Nanoparticle Imager Development for Applications in Cancer Research
Cleveland L2 Traditional Media:
How to Survive an Evolving Industry
Critics have declared that it is the end of traditional media. We’ve seen the effects of the changing journalistic world already through the disappearance of newspapers, magazines and journals. This transition has left many budding journalists and their associates with the question about how to break into this competitive field. Members of our panel, though having internships in different industries, all relied on this form traditional media to conduct businesses, promote values and deliver information.
Lauren Williams A Deviation: The Not So Straight Route to Sports Journalism
Ailsa Sachdev From Morocco to San Francisco: My Divergent Paths of Journalism
Emma Ginader And all that Jazz: Reporting about the Arts in a small city
Yixue Shao Internship in the PR Industry
Cleveland L3 Bull By the Horns:
Cheat sheet to wall street
The intricacies and the unspoken rules that guide the convoluted world of business make corporate America as diverse in cultures as the nation it reflects.  Success in the financial world is a game of balance; a constant walk over a tightrope. This panel seeks to take you on a journey through long working hours, networking with management, adjusting to real time feedback and exceeding expectations on the job. We hope that through sharing our stories, we can shed some light on the mysterious world of Wall Street--for in order to play the game, one must first know the game.
Ashley Bair Flexibility is Key
Michelle Cai Connect Your Way to Future Possibilities
Jelena Jezdimirovic Exceeding Expectations Early On
Quynh Ngo Small Talk Matters
Carr 102 The Personal is the Political:
Impact of Public Health on Community Development
Through community fieldwork and research, it is clear that public health is affected by socioeconomic status, race, age, gender, level of education, policy and socio cultural norms. We will address some of the positive and negative experiences associated with data collection, analysis, conducting interviews, and leading workshops, all while adapting to different cultural environments.

The importance of civic engagement, empowering overlooked communities, and critiquing the local and structural contexts surrounding infectious diseases, sexual health, and poverty will be outlined. Our panel will discuss how individual behaviors, collective actions, and social structures are complex yet connected. This trichotomous relationship highlights the connection between the personal and the political, which are symbiotically intertwined.

Evelyne Mugadia The Effects of Poverty on Health and Education among Women and Children in Western Kenya
Nancy Pohl Learning about Pediatric TB: Exploring the Health System Deficiencies in Diagnosing and Treating Children in Peru
Crystal Reed Sexual and Reproductive Health of Dutch Afro-Caribbean Women: An Analysis of Culture, Reproductive Statistics and Black Female Sexuality