2013 Session III: 3:15-4:25pm

October 18, 2013

Clapp 218 Shifting Career Goals While Staying Present
What do you do during your internship when you realize your career goals have shifted? In our panel, we will focus upon the particular challenges that stem from the epiphany that you do not want to seek a career in the field in which you interned. We will discuss the experiences that we went through that helped us recognize this shift and how to take positive things away from an internship regardless. Though we had three different internships in three different cities across the world, all of our experiences helped us further clarify our future professional goals. Using the skills that we acquired over the course of our internships -- from conducting professional interviews, to photography and marketing, to leading effective classroom conversation -- we are all better prepared for the professional world, no matter what field we choose to enter.
Sara Ellis From the Classroom to the Courtroom: Changing Career Goals
Elysia Chandler Finding Clarity Far From Home: Narrowing Career Goals in Spain
Leigh Edwards Admission to Academia
Kendade 203 All Alone and Far from Home…with a Deadline!
This panel seeks to create a dialogue about the importance of being able to work alone in a challenging and foreign environment. We will discuss how we overcame a variety of difficulties to meaningfully contribute to our respective organizations in Great Britain, India, Hong Kong, and the United States. Through this process we gained a deeper understanding of our own potential, and learned how to successfully deliver results.
 Yeareen Yun  Delivering a Solution
 Sarah Hastings  Research with No Fear / Cheers!
 Shreeya Joshi  To Expect or Not to Expect
 Anishka De Zylva  Never Have a Limit
Kendade 303 Difficult Conversations:
Researching the Controversial
With topics ranging from the persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan to women’s land ownership in Senegal; marriage migration in Asia to the impact of media on Muslim Americans, the four panelists traversed various boundaries to conduct qualitative field research. Each panelist has led difficult conversations that intersect political, cultural, and historical matters in several distinct regions of the globe - Africa, Asia and North America. Ultimately, this panel seeks to discuss the various research methods that each individual undertook to start such conversations. It offers the unique stories of how four Mount Holyoke students, in facing numerous obstacles and challenges, transformed from passive observers to active field researchers.
Huda Alawa Experiencing Media: The Boston Marathon Bombings
Blen Biru Researching Women’s access to land in Senegal
Sana Jatoi Second class citizens in the Islamic Republic: The persecution of religious minorities in Pakistan
Yulii Kim Marriage Migration in Singapore and South Korea Reflections on Field Research
Kendade 305 Mediums in Media:
Covering Regional News
In the news industry, reporters constantly juggle impending deadlines and new assignments. This panel explores three students’ experiences covering regional news across three mediums: photography, print and radio. Each presenter details the work she did, the skills she acquired and the challenges she faced. We will also discuss the nuts and bolts of the pre-internship process, such as preparing for interviews, securing funding and finding housing.
Olivia Lammel Lessons from Beyond the Classroom: a Personal Reflection on my Summer at the City Paper
Hannah Hohenstein-Flack Navigating an Unfamiliar Industry
Camila Bernal Summer in the City: A Photojournalist Experience
Cleveland L1 Connecting Equations to Real Life Solutions
How many theoretical physicists does it take to change a lightbulb?Just one, but only if the light bulb is perfectly spherical.From solar cells to nanocrystal quantum dots, from organic LEDs to quantum collisions, physicists grapple with many more areas than perfectly spherical light bulbs. In reality, research in physics incorporates more than just idealized conditions. This panel includes physics majors who have had the opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research that bridges physics to material science, engineering and chemistry. They have worked both at Mount Holyoke and at institutions abroad in order to expand their knowledge and apply concepts from the classroom to the laboratory setting. Through their diverse experiences, these students found a way to connect equations to real life solutions.
 Husna Anwar Sunny With a Chance of Power: Adding Interstitial Layers to Improve Open-Circuit Voltage in Organic Solar Cells
 Pheona Williams Nanocrystal quantum dots have motivated substantial research since their discovery in the 1980’s
 Margaret Stevens Hybrid Inorganic/Organic LEDs for Efficient Lighting
 Sri Laalitya Uppalapati Calculating a Potential Energy Surface for the Rotational Excitation of NaK molecules by He atoms
Cleveland L2 Rocking the Business World with Liberal Arts Backgrounds
The business world usually requires a business school background such as finance, marketing, public relations, etc. However, each of us all successfully entered the business world with liberal arts majors including economics, mathematics, computer sciences and psychology. We will introduce how we used our major background to find the internship, the hardship we encountered and what we have learned from those experiences. From finance to marketing, we will be presenting our experiences about different industries in business field across the world.
He Tang Embrace the Unknown: My education, experiences and dream
Georgina Tolgos Business, IT and my Liberal Arts Education
Yanlin Zhang A Good Complement: Internship and Academic Study
Menghan Wang Finding Your Niche
Cleveland L3 The World of Science:
Manipulations of Genes in Biological Systems
DNA is the genetic blueprint that contains the instructions for building entire organisms. However, the blueprint of life is incredibly vulnerable to alterations by external and internal factors, thus giving rise to genetic diseases. We will discuss the incredible range of influence genes have on bodily mechanisms from blood vessels to cancer, from parathyroid hormone to neurons. Join us as we share our diverse summer research experiences.
Esther Mutongi A Holistic Approach to the World of Science and Medicine
Lien Nguyen Is Thinking Bad for Your DNA and How Do We Find Out?
Salma Amin Up Regulation of UPR-target genes in Zebrafish
Anna Rapperport Mutations in the Calcium-Sensing Receptor
Beza Woldemeskel Genomic stability impact of combined Xrcc4 and ATM deficiency in B cells
Carr 102 Research, Applications, and Policy in Public Health
Public Health professionals aim to meet the healthcare needs of populations through advancements in research and policy development. Bridging the work of three panelists, we illustrate how students can find their niche in public health by following their passions and recognizing their strengths.  Our experiences range from data collection and analysis at Brown University, assessing patient satisfaction at Oregon Health & Science University, and developing recommendations at the World Health Organization. We encourage our audience to consider how the theories, methodologies, and perspectives used in their disciplines can be useful tools in engaging in public health research.  Viewers will leave our panel with a greater sense of public health practice along the research-to-policy continuum.
Hiwot Tafessu Analyzing Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System Survey Data
Isabel Morgan Socioeconomic Status and Child Cognitive Outcomes at Age 7: Maternal Cortisol as a Possible Mediator
Precious Chiadzwa Male Circumcision, an Effective Strategy for HIV Prevention in Non-Circumcising Regions of Africa