Shani Mensing

October 17, 2014

What is Computer Science?

What is Computer Science? Even as a first year at MHC, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer this question when my family and friends would ask. Most of the time, people thought of a person coding away on a computer for many hours (and to be honest that sounded pretty cool to me, but I realize that aside from a few people in this room, I'm alone in that thinking). Had I not found coding fascinating, I most likely would have not gone in the direction of CS, which is probably why there aren’t many women going into CompSci. So to encourage students to take up a major and minor in CS, last summer Nikki Hoofer and I, under supervision, helped create a course that would show a more creative side of CS. This summer for my research search, I want to build off of that experience and continue to create more projects that would inspire students to challenge themselves, even if its not 100% successful.