Tashi Shuler-Drakes

October 17, 2014

Creating Paths: Navigating Your Passions, Realities and Capabilities

We are confident, capable, and strong Mount Holyoke women and we are expected to pave paths, as well as redefine them. My summer involved the same expectations in independent exploration when I defined a research project that encompassed me comparing my home town, Bridgeport CT, to the local community of Amherst, MA. I was interested in highlighting the discrepancy that occurred between the larger policies and legislations implemented by the local recovery and rehabilitation centers and its effects on individual level care after transferring down from systematically taught ways to give care. While going through the process of designing my project, I was able to understand how  many of my motivations for completing it were shaped by my future aspirations of counseling work in lower income communities. Despite a delay in my original intentions, I was able direct my productivity. Micromanaging my inner-overachieving MoHo helped me to connect my passions in my future work and my summer expeditions.  Realizing that I could reshape a route that I had already made for myself has allowed me to expand on my research and keep paving paths.