Yuxiao Liu

Start Now and Get Prepared!

What does a UNICEF Social Policy internship look like? How does it connected to my academic interests and plans? The presentation includes a description of my work and responsibilities at UNICEF regional office in Bangkok, such as conducting a data analysis on fiscal disparities and an independent research about the mapping efficiencies of social protection policies. Encountered challenges and coping strategies will be highlighted. As a student with UNICEF experience, I want to share with interested students some advice before they apply or participate in this kind of internship. The presentation includes topics such as what specific skills are needed for such an internship? What steps can candidates take beforehand to prepare themselves for the application process? What will they reap at the end of the internship? In general, the presentation will serve two functions: first, giving a taste of what a UNICEF Social Policy internship looks like; second, sharing tips and advice on preparation.