Access Restriction Commands

Sometimes, it is helpful to only allow certain users to see your Web pages. The following commands can all be entered at the % prompt on MHC to prevent others from viewing Web pages in the current working directory.


Allow only people connected to the MHC intranet to have access to any files in the working directory.

This has the possibly unwanted side-effect of preventing people who use outside internet service providers from viewing the pages, even if they have valid MHC email accounts. See the allow-by-pw-offcampus command, below, for what may be a better alternative.


Allow only people connecting from one of the 5 College campuses to have access to any files in the working directory.


This command allows only people who provide a certain username and password pair you choose to have access to files in the current working directory. Run the command for more instructions.


Users who are using the MHC network will be able to view the directory without any restriction. Other users will be asked for the username and password you specify.


Remove all access restrictions on the current directory. The whole world can view files there once again.

These commands are mutually exclusive. If, for instance, you first run allow-only-campus and later use allow-only-5col, the old restrictions are completely replaced by the new ones, and access is granted to the Five Colleges.

To require a password to access files in the folder restricted, in your personal Webspace, enter these commands at the % prompt on an MHC computer:

    cd ~/world/restricted

To make the files in /org/knitting/oncampus only available to users on the MHC intranet:

    cd /web/org/knitting/oncampus

To make the files in /courses/mlyon/my-folder freely available to on-campus users, but allow everyone else who knows a username and password to see them:

    cd /web/courses/mlyon/my-folder