Background Information

The exhibit, comprised of 6 panels and 2 multimedia kiosks, will be displayed on the 6th floor of Williston Library. Related events will be held in the Stimson Room and will include an opening reception as well as other programming, which will be posted in the Exhibit Programs section of this website.

Support from the following individuals contributed to the success of the proposal: Marianne Doezema and Wendy Watson (MHC Art Museum), Peter Zieja (Facilities Management), Karen Remmler (Weissman Center), Daryl Gehman (Career Development Center), Amrita Basu (Five College Women’s Studies Research Center), Danielle Kovacs (Manuscript Archivist, University of Massachusetts), Charles Haight (Communications), Deb Morrissey, Gail Scanlon and Pat Albanese.

Planning Committee

Pat Albanese (CIO, Librarian of LITS), Lee Bowie (Dean of Faculty), Sarah Bacon (Associate Professor of Biological Sciences), Rochelle Calhoun (Director of Alumnae Association), Wendy Watson (Art Museum), Kevin McCaffrey (Director of Communications), Sarah Barrett (Editor, Communications), Lynn Morgan (Professor of Anthropology and Director of 5-College Culture, Health & Science Program), Sherrill Redmon (Sophia Smith Collection), Lois Brown (Associate Professor of English and Director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts), Paige Roberts (Archivist, Springfield College), Danielle Kovacs (Curator of Manuscripts and University Archives, University of Massachusetts at Amherst), chair Jennifer Gunter King (Head of Archives and Special Collections, Mount Holyoke College), Heather Wilkinson (Simmons GSLIS Intern), Sarah Oelker (Science Librarian, Mount Holyoke College)