Options for Course Continuity

There are a number of online tools available through Moodle to keep classes going during a campus flu outbreak, should one occur. Your LITS Liaison can help you get started with any of the resources listed below as well as offer assistance in exploring other options.

Planning ahead

  • Experiment beforehand with the Moodle tools mentioned below. 
  • Have a communication strategy; tell your students where to find course information. 
  • If you haven't already, post your syllabus on your Moodle course site. Moodle offers the option of either composing the syllabus online or uploading a Word or Adobe pdf document.

When we cannot meet, how do I replace…

Announcements – Inform students quickly of class schedule changes and other developments with Moodle's News Forum. When posting to the News Forum, check the "e-mail" box to send a message directly to your students as well.

Lectures – Post your notes and slides to your Moodle site. You can even record a narration to go with slides in PowerPoint for your students to download and view. Advantage: Students can listen to your lecture at a time of day more favorable to their circadian rhythm.

Handouts - Take advantage of the LITS Digitization Center to upload online articles and scan printed resources (articles, book chapters) to create an E-Reserve tool on your course site.

Small Group Discussion – Use the Chat Tool for real-time text conversations. Advantage: The text medium allows everyone’s ideas to be heard equally without interrupting others.

Large Group Discussion – Use the Forum Tool to post discussion topics and then require students to respond to you and to each other. Advantage: You have a written record of your class discussions.

Collaborative Work – Use the Wiki Tool to allow students to create documents collaboratively. Advantage: You can see the editing process and understand what individuals are contributing to the group.

Research SeminarSchedule a library instruction session for the class with your LITS liaison. (You do not need to be present during the session.) The liaison can also prepare an online research guide that can be linked to the ella course site for students who are absent from the session.

Labs - Arrange alternate activities in place of the lab (your LITS Liaison may be able to suggest online activities or simulations to address the teaching goals for your lab).

Turning in Assignments – Use the Assignment Tool to collect assignments electronically.  Check out our handout on fostering student writing in ella. Advantage: You can easily keep track of who has handed in what.