LITS Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ will be beneficial. Please contact Ask LITS for further assistance.

When is LITS open and how do I find out where a book is located?
You'll find information at LITS Hours and to find a book use the LITS Map and Directory see Getting Around in LITS.

Where are the quiet places in the library? Where can I find a room for my group to study?
A list of places (quiet areas and study rooms) is available at Study and Meeting Spaces.

My library books are due, but I still need them. Can I renew them?
Yes, you may renew library books through the library catalog. More information is available at Your Library Account.

My friend told me that the library has a tool to help me create a bibliography. What is it and can I use it off-campus?
Yes, the library subscribes to RefWorks, an online tool to help you organize your references and create a bibliography in almost any citation style (APA, MLA, etc). RefWorks is available to use off-campus and you'll find more information about accessing it at RefWorks on the Library Resources Abroad Web page.

How do I look up journal articles using the library's databases from off-campus?
You'll find information at Accessing Databases Remotely (from off-campus).

Is there a workshop that can help me learn Dreamweaver? What other workshops does LITS offer for students?
Yes, you may view the Peer2Peer workshops schedule and register for a workshop at Student Training Schedule and Registration.

I'm getting a lot of email spam. What can I do?
You'll find information on setting up spam filters at Email on the LITS Blog: When Spammers Invade Your InBox...

I've gotten an over quota email message. How do I fix this?
Information about Quota.

How do I set up my laptop to use the Internet on campus?
You'll find information at Internet Access.

Does LITS have any job openings?
LITS posts any job openings on Job X.

I'm an alumna. Can I still use LITS resources, such as library books and journal articles? How about network space or web space since I had a Web site?
LITS Services for Alumnae has information.

My professor said that I have to read some materials on reserve. How do I find them?
There are two options that your professor may have used. They might be e-reserves or print reserves. More information about both is available at E-Reserves & Print Reserves.

Is there someone who can help with my computer?
Yes, help is available at Get Technical Help. 

I'm working on a research paper and need to find books and journal articles. Is there someone who can help me?
Yes, you may use Ask a Librarian to get research assistance.

I'm just starting to use ella. How do I learn more about it?
We have information for students and faculty at ella.

How do I get help with a printing problem?
Find information at Printing.

I go to (UMass, Hampshire, Amherst, or Smith) but I'm taking a class at MHC this semester. How do I get access to ella and other MHC resources?
Welcome to MHC! You'll find information at Five College Student Guest Accounts.

I need more space to store files and work on my Web site. Does LITS offer anything?
Yes, you'll find more information at Webspace and Network Spaces.

I need help editing my movie. Where should I go?
You'll find information about getting help and using the MEWS at Video & Multimedia Production.

May I borrow a laptop?
Yes, find more information at Borrowing Equipment.

A friend told me that past students' honors papers are available to read. How do I do this?
You have a couple of options. You may visit Archives and Special Collections to look at print honors papers or we do have some electronic honors papers.

I'm studying abroad next semester. Will I still be able to use the library's resources?
Yes, you'll find more information at Library Resources Abroad.

I can't find the journal article that I need. It's not anywhere in the Five Colleges. How do I get it?
You can use ILLiad, our interlibrary loan service to request materials that are not available in the Five Colleges.

How do I get a book from one of the other Five Colleges? What is the Five College Library Depository?
You may request to have books from the other Five Colleges delivered to MHC, and more information is available at Five College Borrowing. For materials in the Five College Library Depository, you'll use the Five College Library Depository Request Forms.

I have no idea what to ask or who to ask. Help!
No problem, contact us by using Ask LITS or see LITS Contacts.