Carrel Assignment 2018 Seniors-Sunday 9/17/17

Library carrels will be assigned on Sunday, 9/17/17 from 9am-11am in the Whiting Alcove Room on the 6th floor of Williston.  Please become familiar with the carrel locations in advance, there are lots of nooks & crannies!  There are also several "quiet" floors on levels 3 & 5 in the South stacks and level 6 in the North stacks.

Carrels will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.  The line starts early so if you can't wait in line find a friend to get a carrel for you.  To be fair, we ask that only one person proxy for one senior but anyone can be a proxy, not just MHC students.  Grab a proxy form from the Circulation Desk and get someone else to wait in that long line while you sleep in!

Please note the library does not open until 9am and there will be a Student Supervisor handing out numbers at that time.  Carrel assignment will continue at the Circulation Desk from 11am until 2am Sunday night.  Any carrels unassigned on Monday, 9/18/17 will be available for assignment at the Circulation Desk to remaining Seniors.

We have a limited number of accessible floors and height-adjustable carrels.  Please let us know if you need one of these when you sign up for your carrel.  We will do our best to grant your request, as space allows.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact Rachael Smith at any time, 413-538-2061.