Research and Technology Instruction for Classes

LITS Liaisons are eager to support the research and technology needs of your courses. We will tailor an instruction session to meet learning goals specific to your course. Topics we may address include (but certainly are not limited to) the following:

  • developing effective research strategies
  • critical evaluation of web sources
  • designing and creating web pages
  • locating and identifying scholarly materials
  • incorporating online peer-editing and collaborative writing tools 
  • identifying and working with primary sources, perhaps including close review of rare book and special collection materials
  • creating podcasts and/or using RSS to monitor news sources
  • multimedia narrative/digital storytelling
  • data work in Excel or SPSS

If you are still in the formative stages of building an assignment, all the better! We will happily sit down and talk through possible approaches. Please contact the liaison for your department and we will be in touch shortly. As a guidepost, we advise 2 weeks notice for effective planning.