Data Management Resources & Services

 What is Data Management?

Data management addresses the lifecycle of your digital research output including its creation, organization, accessibility, archiving and distribution.  Planning for the long-term management of your data ensures that it will be well organized and accessible over time. "Data" may refer to observational data (sensor data, telemetry, sample data), experimental (gene sequences, chromatograms), simulation (climate models, economic models), or derived or compiled data (text and data mining, compiled database, 3D models).

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and other granting agencies require that Principal Investigators (PI) submit data management plans along with their grant applications. 

More information on the NSF requirements and what is expected in the data management plans.

Services for Faculty

Within LITS, the Digital Assets & Preservation Services (DAPS) department, along with your RIS liaison, can support the preparation of a data management plan by assisting with:

  • formatting and describing your data
  • best practices for data preservation
  • support for multimedia output from your research, such as images or audio/video files
  • if needed, development of a collection to house your data within our institutional archive

 Data Management Plan Templates

Please note: templates are not intended to address any specific NSF directorate requirements.

NEW! The DMPTool: an online Data Management Plan tool. This resource contains ready-to-use plans for specific funding agencies and directorates.

University of Virginia Library Scientific Data Consulting Group NSF Data Management Plan Template (opens as a Word doc)

Other Data Management Resources

The following sites provide excellent information and resources on all aspects of data management, and are a good way to familiarize yourself with best practices.  Many provide guides to preparing data management plans and/or sample plans. 

ICPSR Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving (pdf)

MIT Libraries Data Management Subject Guides

University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Data Services