How to Submit Video Requests

New for Fall 2016: LITS is now using our online course reserves system for faculty to submit and track requests for video, along with print reserves and e-reserves.  You can use this system to request video be streamed for your course, screened for your course, or simply just purchased for the collection.

  1. Login
  2. Choose your course
  3. Add Reserve items
  4. Choose the icon for Video


  • We now process ALL types of reserves at the Circulation Desk.  That is, print/physical reserves, e-reserve scanning, and video streaming.  
  • You can use the online course reserves system to submit all types of requests.  We will pull from our stacks and/or purchase the materials for you, as needed.  Just tell us what you want and LITS will do the rest!
  • If you wish to order a title for the library collection -- not associated with a course -- please still use the online course reserves system.  Choose any course you are teaching from the opening screen and simply say "no" to the questions about streaming and screening.  We will order the DVD for the collection and you can check it out when you would like.
  • LITS can stream MHC library owned videos that are integral to the classroom experience of a course.  Streaming videos are only available to registered students in the course through the course's password protected Moodle site.  For full details on our streaming media policy, please see our copyright pages discussing Video.
  • For assistance, please contact your LITS Liaison. In cases of high-priced items, we may also be back in touch with you.
  • LITS generally does not acquire public performance rights (PPR).  For determining whether you need PPR and, if so, help on securing them, please see our copyright pages on Public Performance Rights.
  • To help us to prioritize for streaming and captioning, please tell us if you have a student in your class who needs captioning to access this video.  You will have the opportunity to tell us this in our course reserves system.  We also encourage you to be in communication with AccessAbility Services.
  • You can give your Administrative Assistant access to your courses to submit reserves on your behalf.  After you log in, choose "Full Proxy Users" or "Course Proxy Users" from the Instructor Tools Menu and enter the MHC username of the proxy.  "Full Proxy Users" enables your proxy to submit requests for all of your courses.  "Course Proxy Users" enables access for specific courses only.  

Questions/concerns/issues:  please contact or 413-538-2622.

See also: How to Submit Print Reserve Requests or How to Submit E-Reserve Requests.