How to Submit E-Reserve Requests

LITS uses an online system for faculty to submit and track requests.

  1. Login
  2. Choose your course
  3. Add Reserve items
  4. Choose the icon for Book Chapter/Pages or Article


  • Electronic Reserves are now processed through the Circulation Desk.  You can use the online course reserves system to submit all types of requests, both scanning requests and requests for physical materials to be put on reserve.  We are happy to accept your physical items at the Circulation Desk for scanning or we will pull from our stacks and/or purchase the materials for you, as needed.  Just tell us what you want on reserve and LITS will do the rest!  
  • If you would like scans from your books, they can be dropped off at any time the Circulation Desk is open.
  • Once your materials have been scanned, you will receive notification to log into the course reserves system and retrieve your PDF.  You can then put that PDF into your Moodle course.  If you require assistance in organizing your E-Reserves within your Moodle course site, contact your friendly LITS liaison, or email!
  • You can give your Administrative Assistant access to your courses to submit reserves on your behalf.  After you log in, choose "Full Proxy Users" or "Course Proxy Users" from the Instructor Tools Menu and enter the MHC username of the proxy.  "Full Proxy Users" enables your proxy to submit requests for all of your courses.  "Course Proxy Users" enables access for specific courses only.  

LITS will accept the following for Electronic Reserves:

  • A single chapter of a book
  • A single article from a journal or newspaper
  • Non-copyrighted material such as an exam, lecture notes, syllabus, or U.S. government publications

LITS will not accept the following for Electronic Reserves:

  • Traditional (bound) Coursepacks
  • Entire books

Use of materials must comply with U.S. Copyright Law.  Please see our research guide on Copyright for help understanding Fair Use and determining when you need permissions.  If you need an amount of content that exceeds our comfort under Fair Use:

Format for submission:

  • To achieve accessible scans, we prefer to scan from the original: please bring us the book or other material directly or ask us to obtain the originals for you.
  • If the original is not available, provide a clean, clear photocopy on 8 1/2 x 11 size paper.
  • Photocopies should have adequate margins on all sides.
  • Be aware that graphics within readings may not scan clearly.

Material will be scanned into PDF format. LITS staff does not edit scanned material.

Other considerations:

  • Consider whether the materials are already accessible electronically from other online services or databases (e.g. JSTOR, PsycArticles, etc.). 
  • Faculty are asked to submit materials for E-Reserves at least three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. E-Reserves take priority in these early weeks. Submissions after the beginning of a semester will be processed on first come first served basis, as quickly as possible.

Questions/concerns/issues:  please contact or 413-538-2622.

See also:  How to Submit Print Reserve Requests or How to Submit Video Requests.