Nick Baker

I am the Library and Technology Liaison to Computer Science and Film Studies.

As a Liaison Team Lead, I supervise five other Liaisons as we help students and faculty use library resources and technology for teaching and research.

I also run the Media Lab, where I supervise 8 student workers as we explore uses of technology for teaching and learning.

I can help you with:

  • Film Editing with iMovie and Final Cut Pro
  • Graphic Design with the Adobe Suite
  • 3D Modelling with Google Sketchup
  • Arduinos and Robotics Projects
  • Research with Refworks and Library Databases
  • Ella and Moodle tools

Services include:

  • Custom instruction classes in library research including introduction to library research at Mount Holyoke, locating scholarly materials, evaluating sources, using discipline specific databases, effective web tools for research
  • Technology workshops including creating a blog, digital story telling, video editing, image editing, wikis, presentations, using ella tools
  • One on one consultations to develop and support the use of technology tools and/or research projects in courses
  • Development of the library's collection in liaison areas: select materials and receive requests


I have been a Liaison Team Lead since 2012 and an Instructional Technology Consultant at Mount Holyoke College since 2009. I was previously a reference librarian at Williams College, a web developer in Austin, Texas, and the bugler at a horse track. I am interested in biomimicry, interactive art, new media, and the relationship between life and technology.