Access moodle at

For assistance, please visit our Quick Moodle Help support hub, or contact your LITS Liaison.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is our Learning Management System, a place for faculty and students to access course materials including readings, quizzes, assignments, forums, rosters, and much more. With our transition from ella (aka Sakai) to Moodle in summer 2013, all Five Colleges are now using Moodle.

How can I use Moodle?

Our Mount Holyoke instance of Moodle is available to anyone with MHC or other Five College network accounts. You can log in at: When you log in, you will see all of your courses. (Though note that courses stay invisible to students until faculty make them available)

We've created Quick Moodle Help support hub which has instructions for most of the common functions and answers to frequently asked questions.   You will also find quick, short help tips (question mark icons) available as you work within Moodle and a context-sensitive link to general Moodle help at the bottom of every Moodle page.

In addition to our own Quick Moodle Help  site, several of our Five College colleagues have also developed helpful tip sheets:

For further assistance with Moodle, please contact your LITS Liaison.