Make LITS Visible

Dear Colleagues,

The LITS Open House event will be a 90-minute celebration and showcase of the full range of work we do in LITS, held on Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. We hope to make some of the invisible work we do for the college visible. Since nearly all of the work we do in LITS we do in close collaboration with partners among the faculty, staff, and students on campus, we also hope to make those collaborators and collaborations visible. Similarly, we always talk about the value of our Five College collaboration, but we think this would be an opportunity to make concrete benefits of that collaboration visible. Thus, while we have talked about this as a showcase of “cool new stuff”, it is also a way to make visible the people—you!—and collaborations that make it possible.

Why We Need You!

We will depend on you, our colleagues in LITS, to pull off this show-and-tell event. We hope that you and your collaborators will share “posters” about the things you are doing. “Posters” can take many forms. They can be traditional paper-based posters (please schedule use of the DigiCenter well in advance—January is a crazy-busy time), or computers, with our without handouts. In fact, we encourage you to be creative in thinking how you might present some information in relatively limited space (plan on no more than 4 feet of width to work with) in a way that will encourage a conversation between visitors and you, the poster presenter(s). Often, very simple posters are the most effective at conveying information and starting a conversation.

Each of us in LITS does something (a lot!) that helps the college run.

  • What do you do?
  • With whom do you do it?
  • How does it help the College be a better Mount Holyoke?
  • What new process did you help to implement?
  • What solution to a long-standing problem did you discover?
  • What cool project is just taking form?

We are happy to talk with you about ideas you may have or about poster formats. You will be presenting on work you already have done, so it should not involve a lot of new work.

Call for Proposals

No later than close of business Monday, December 14, 2009, please send us the four “Ts”:

  1. Team: Full Name(s), Official Title(s), Complete Department(s) of each person involved and (hopefully) co-presenting (You and who else? There might be a few topics where the poster speaks of something that is accomplished as a team of one, but we expect those will be few and far between.).
  2. Tweet: a maximum 140 character (including spaces...we will count) description of your poster. (As with a haiku, one can make great art within narrow parameters!)
  3. Topic: a maximum 50 word description of your poster.
  4. Technology: your technology needs or “none” if you will not need power, network connection, or other special technology (pending availability and feasibility)

Thank you!


Aime, Alex, Deb, James G. , Jason, Leigh, Lexi, Sue R.