Poster Presentations

The LITS Open House will take place Tuesday, January 19, 2010, from 1:00 to 2:30 pm in the main Reading Room of the library. Look for these great posters:

Academic Innovation

LITS has helped other people on campus do great things in their teaching and research; here are some success stories.

  • Digital Collections at MHC Archives & Special Collections: Where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going
  • Fish Soup, a delicious collection of MHC students’ oral histories inspired by the 2009 Common Read
  • Imagining a new space for working with art images and multimedia where the slide room is now.
  • Integrating Multimedia Narration in French Culture Seminars
  • Learning in the Digital age: Implications of web 2.0 tools in education
  • The support of teaching with unique primary source materials—digitized, cataloged, preserved—for use on campus and beyond


LITS can show you how to make better use of campus resources.

  • The IC After Dark
  • Keep your home computer safe from the Darkside of the Internet
  • Learn to Scan and Create Searchable, Readable, and “talking” PDF files. Come “see” and “hear” what technology can do for ella documents.
  • Learn about ella and emma, MHC’s collaborative environments for teaching, learning, and project management
  • Mount Holyoke College’s New Online Tutorial on the Proper Use of Sources
  • Tools for streamlining the writing peer review process, from basic file sharing to entirely web-based sharing and commenting.

Online Power

Take full advantage of digital tools and resources available at MHC.

  • Communications Office Presents Social Media at MHC
  • The 5 Colleges are investigating collaboration in software licensing, management, & support—among 2200 faculty, 5300 courses, & 28000 students
  • LITS builds custom Web apps!
  • LITS On-Demand Video Service for full length film titles in ella.
  • A look behind the [SFX/MHLinks] button
  • Peer-to-peer student teachers helping faculty and RIS implement new technology in the curriculum
  • Ride the Google Wave
  • What enables search and retrieval in the library catalog, but remains invisible? Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse from the experts!

MHC Community

LITS is an important part of this community, and we work hard to keep MHC a great place to be.

  • Discover LITS as more than Books and Computers—LITS as Place
  • Ethnographic interviews of faculty in their natural habitats
  • Exploring ways to augment the visitor’s experience of an exhibition of ancient coins, both in the gallery and online.
  • Learn about how MHC catalogues and preserves digital content
  • Media conversion and duplication support in the MEWS
  • Meet the people of Library Technical Services, the behind-the-scenes service everyone depends on, but nobody sees in action.
  • Ordering, procuring and processing books and media—find out what happens before they end up in your hands at the circulation desk!
  • Print periodicals & E-resources from purchase to availability and access

Five Colleges & Beyond

Off-campus partnerships and visibility in the world are vital to a 21st century institution.

  • Communications Office Presents MHC on YouTube
  • Decapod: a low-cost, portable, single-unit digitization platform capable of producing high-quality PDFs with OCR’ed text
  • 5 College Cross Registration - 5 Colleges, 3 ERPs, and 1 Project
  • Join the Conversation on MHC Web Journals: Blogging for the MHC Community
  • Showcasing the Smith College Computer Store and some cool, new technology.
  • What are people tweeting about the #LITS Open House?