Remote Control Software


Remote Admin (Radmin) is software available to faculty and staff with specific College needs for running applications and software licensed on their campus computer from an off-campus (remote) location. The software provides a real time connection to the campus computer's desktop. It is fully compatible with both Windows Vista and XP (32-bit and 64-bit) and uses 256-bit AES encryption for all data streams.

Note: Use of this software by non-exempt staff must be pre-approved by department head.

Software includes:

  • Remote Admin Server installed on your work computer.
    Remote Admin server is licensed by LITS and will be installed by LITS staff. To schedule an installation time, please contact the helpdesk at X2600 or send an email request to helpdesk.
  • Remote Admin Viewer installed on your remote computer.
    You will need to install the 'Viewer' on your remote computer. Viewer software can be downloaded from the Viewer download area.

Viewer Installation and Connection Setup

You may want to print out the following Installation Steps

1. Obtain the following from your work computer for your remote connection:

  • IP address of work computer
  • Physical (MAC) address of your work computer
  • Click on "Start", "Run", and type "cmd" (without the quotes)
  • In the command prompt window at the cursor point, type "ipconfig/all" (without quotes)
  • Write down the IP address number and the Physical address number. You will need these for your remote connection.

2. Install Remote Admin Viewer on your remote computer, taking all the defaults.

3. Open Remote Admin Viewer once the installation completes.

4. In the Viewer application window, click on 'Tools' in the menu bar, then choose 'Options' to configure the following setting:

  • Click on Remote Screen Options
  • Show Toolbar' should be the only option checked within the top three options - uncheck any others from this section if they are selected.
  • Click on 'OK' button

5. Create the connection to your work computer. (Once your connection information has been created, it will be saved as an icon)

  • Click on 'Connection' menu, then click on 'New Connection'
  • Enter a name for your connection (ie Work Computer)
  • Enter the IP address of your work computer (this is what you copied down in from your office computer in the first step).
  • Change the Port number to 9948 (to change it, you will need to remove the check from the box next to 'Use default port' )
  • In the left column, now click on 'Remote Screen'
  • Select '16-bit color' for Color Format
  • Select 'Fullscreen' for View Mode
  • Click on 'OK' button. This will save your connection information

Installation and connection setup are now complete.

Software Instructions

Remotely Starting your Work Computer

  • Remotely start your work computer by opening the browser on your home computer to the Wake-on-Lan page within Webshell (
  • Under 'Manage Computer Wakeup List', add your work computer by entering in the appropriate information. This is the Hardware address (MAC address) of your work computer (which you gathered in step #1) and the nickname (connection name, ie Work Computer)
  • Click on the 'Save/Remove' button to save your information
    Tip: Once your information is entered and saved, you can remotely start your work computer by logging into the Wake-on-Lan page and clicking on the 'Wakeup' button.  

Establishing a Connection

Open Remote Admin Viewer on the remote computer and double click on your connection icon.You will need to supply your Remote Admin username and password. Note:This is the username and password set up by LITS when installing Remote Admin on your work computer. For an added layer of security, this information is set to be different from your Windows login information.

Copying and Pasting Objects (i.e. images, text)

To copy an object from your remote computer to your work computer:

  • In the document on your remote computer, select the object, right click and choose 'Copy', then select the Set Clipboard icon on the menu.
  • On your work computer, insert your cursor in the document where you want to paste the object, right click and select 'Paste'.

To copy an object from your work computer to your remote computer:

  • On your work computer, select the object, choose 'Copy', then select the Get Clipboard icon on the menu.
  • On your remote computer, insert your cursor in the document where you want to paste the object, right click and select 'Paste'.

Transferring Files

The File Transfer window allows you to transfer files between computers and to create, rename and delete folders within your work computer.

To open the File Transfer window, select the File Transfer icon on the menu.

The File Transfer window is divided in two panes.

The left pane shows the files on your remote computer.

The right pane shows the files on your work computer. You can navigate freely inside either pane to find files and folders.

You can transfer files and folders between computers by dragging and dropping them from one pane to another. You can create, rename or delete files and folders on your work computer by working within the right pane.

Quick Tips In Selecting Files and Folders:

  • Select any file or folder by clicking on it.
  • To add or exclude a file or folder from a current selection, click on it while holding down the CTRL key.
  • To select all, click on the beginning file or folder, hold down the SHIFT key, move down the list and click on the last item.

Closing your Connection

To shut down or reboot your work computer, click on the Shut Down icon.

Note: Before terminating your connection, it is a good idea to log off of your work computer by clicking on the 'Start' button and selecting 'Log Off' in the drop-down arrow list. This returns your work computer to the workstation login window.

Once the Shut Down icon is clicked, the Remote Shutdown window appears.

Choose either:

  • Restart the remote computer
  • Shut down the remote computer