Study and Meeting Spaces

There are many great places to study and work in LITS, whether you want a quiet nook or a place to meet with a small group.  Here are some prime spots but be sure to do some exploring on your own.  Use theLITS map for help navigating.

Need to meet with a group, practice a presentation?

Williston Stacks Study Rooms

Levels 2, 3, and 5
Self-scheduled study rooms
Some with soft seating and some with tables/chairs
One or two rooms on each floor have video players
All have whiteboards and wireless access

Williston Rooms 418, 419, 618

Seat 15-20
Include whiteboard, computer, projector
Reserve for evenings and weekends by completing our Room Reservation Request form.

Info Commons Plasma Screen

Seating for a small group
High traffic/visibility area

Mediated Educational Work Space (MEWS)

Two self scheduled Colloborative Rooms
Include computer, plasma screen, whiteboards and wireless access
Each seats 6-8

Need a quieter spot? Try:

Stimson Room

Quiet Area
Reading room housing recent poetry acquisitions.
Level 6 Williston
Soft seating, wireless access.

Whiting Alcove

Foyer, Level 6 Williston
Soft seating, wireless

Octagon Room

Level 7 Miles-Smith
Large round table, some soft chairs
Beautiful round windows.