Descriptions of File Spaces by Function

There are a number of different disk areas on the Mount Holyoke College computer servers to which you may have access. These filespaces are set up for specific purposes and functions; therefore, not everyone has access to all the filespaces. Each of these filespaces has its own limits (quotas) for each individual. This document will provide a kind of roadmap to these spaces.

Private Space This space is for storing private work.
home Home directory (with saved email)
inbox Incoming email
classwork Space for academic purposes only provided to current Mount Holyoke College students.
This space is cleared after graduation.
World Public Space This space may be read by anyone in the world unless special on campus restrictions are applied.
world Personal Web space
web College web space
web/courses Faculty course space for world wide web distribution.
Campus Public Space This space may be read by anyone on campus
oncampus/courses Faculty course space for on-campus distribution and use only. (Non-web)
oncampus/depts Space for distribution of departmental materials on campus only. (Non-web)
distribution For distribution of software
Semi-Private Space  
workgroups/depts This space is restricted group space for departments
workgroups/rch Group space for research. May or may not be group restricted.
workgroups/proj Group space for projects. May or may not be group restricted.