Google Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Printing is available for MHC Faculty, Staff and current students to print from your personal laptop to LITS public copiers/multi-function devices (MFDs). Install the LITS-Public-Cloud printer on your laptop, desktop or mobile device, store or upload your document to Google Drive and you can print to any of the LITS public Xerox MFDs. You can also use the Google Cloud Print webpage to upload your documents and print.  

Follow the instructions below to configure your personal computer or mobile device to print to the LITS Public Cloud. Once you have configured your device, you can print your job from within Chrome, go to any of the public MFDs, swipe your MHC OneCard and release your print job.

  1. Log in to Google, GMail, or Chrome using your account.

  2. Go to Add Student Cloud Printer or Add Faculty Staff Cloud Printer, click Add Printer to add the Cloud printer to your Google account (this only needs to be done once).

  3. Be sure the document you wish to print is stored in Google Drive, in Google format or as a PDF. Or you can print any web page from the Google Chrome browser. Click on the Print icon or menu option to start the printing process. You can also use the Google Cloud Print to upload your documents and print.

  4. Set your desired print options for black and white or color and double or single sided, then choose LITS-Public-Cloud as your printer.

  5. Go to any of the LITS Public Xerox MFDs to release and pick up your print job. LITS Public Xerox MFDs are located in the Williston Library in the Information Commons, on Level 2 1/2 (up the ramp from the Circulation Desk) and in the Reading Room, in the Pratt Library, on Blanchard Upper Level, and in the Kendade Atrium.

  6. If the MFD is on and not in energy-saver mode, you can simply swipe your OneCard on the device and you will be logged into the device and be brought to a menu of options including Print Release. Choose Print Release to see a list of print jobs you have uploaded to the cloud. You can select and print any or all of the jobs using the touch screen. (If the device is in Energy Saver mode, you will need to press the green Energy Saver button first to turn the MFD on. Wait until the machine turns on and then swipe your card.)

  7. When you have finished releasing your print job, BE SURE TO PRESS THE LOG IN/OUT BUTTON to log out of the MFD. This will ensure that no one else can copy on your OneCard account. Your account log-in will time out in less than 1 minute after your print in case you forget to log out.  

  8. To print to the cloud in the future. be sure you are logged into Google on your laptop or mobile device in order to be able to access the LITS Public Cloud.

Questions? Need help? Feel free to call the LITS Help Desk at x2600, email or stop by the Technology Help Desk in the Information Commons for assistance.