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You may be receiving error messages telling you that sent-mail cannot be saved
You cannot move mail out of your inbox into other folders

This usually means that you are over quota in /alum, /s, /u5, /u6: all of these are different names for your HOME directory

First, you need to obtain a detailed listing of the largest files:

  1. Sign into MHC Webmail and select the webshell icon from the panel at the bottom
  2. Select disk quotas from the frame on the left. at the bottom of the window, you'll find a dropdown menu for "topics".
  3. Select "report of largest files (hquota brief), then press "go".
  4. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the output. As you scroll, you will see 3 tables: it is the last two tables that you need to examine:

The top table listed there is topped by a line that reads "In HOME directory". These are the five largest items that are counting against your quota.

  • Usually the directory MAIL is listed as one of these five. If it is not listed, then you know that you don't need to do anything with mail folders.
    You will need to connect to your network space, copy files that you want to keep, and then delete them from the network space. See the "Saving files to the Network" section for details.
    If it is essential to your department that these files are on network space, then please call the help desk at X-2600 or use Trackit to enter a work order. Networking will review your request for a quota increase and get back to you.
  • If some of the largest files are "trash" or "deleted items" and you don't normally use Horde for email, you need to logout of email and start your regular mail program, adjust your preferences to empty or purge "trash" or "deleted items" on exit, then quit the program. The next time you start mail, these folders should be empty.
  • If the largest file is "trash" and you normally use Webmail,
    • login and go to your inbox
    • FIRST click the "empty trash" icon at the top of the window.
    • Then select "options". In the "Mail Management" section and select "maintenance operations"
    • Place checkmark [click] in the following checkboxes:
      • perform maintenance operations on login
      • purge old message in the Trash folder"
    • Then set "purge Trash how often" to "daily".
    • Click "Save options", then return to your inbox.)

The bottom table details the contents of your mail directory. If your mail directory is listed as one of the largest items in the top table mentioned above, you need to "clean up" the largest folders listed in order to get under quota:

  • Write down the largest folders, and then click the "MHC email" icon at the bottom of the page to return to email
  • At the top-right of the email window, select the largest folder from the "open folders" drop-down menu
  • It is recommended to sort the folder by size:
    Find the "size" column. If the arrow to the left points down, just click the black arrow next to the word "size"; if the arrow is pointing up, just click the arrow to make it point down. This will sort the folder by size, largest message at the bottom; click it again to place the largest message at the top.
  • Delete as many messages as necessary to get underquota. Usually the largest messages have attachments, so you may want to save/download any attachments that you don't want to loose before deleting any individual message. Remember, if you are cleaning up a sent-mail folder, you most likely already have the file on your own computer and won't need to save attachments before deleting.
  • Don't forget to "purge deleted" when finished (link on far right). You can sort this folder by size.
  • When finished, go back to check to see how your quota has been reduced.