Inbox Over Quota

If over quota with your inbox, you've probably recently received email messages with a large attachments. You will need to download any large attachments to your hard drive or other network space and delete the messages. If you need the message, forward it to yourself WITHOUT the attachment.

Find the Culprit

If you haven't already, login to webmail

  1. Open your inbox
  2. Find the "size" column (all the way to the right), and click the black arrow next to size twice, then if necessary, click it once more to make sure the arrow is pointing down.
  3. The message at the top should be the largest message in your inbox and it probably contains an attachment.
  4. Open the message and save the attachment to your personal hard drive if you want to keep this attachment.
  5. If you need to keep the message, forward the message to yourself without the attachment. (The original headers will show in the forwarded mail.)
  6. Put a check in the checkbox all the way to the left, to mark the message for deleting.
  7. Repeat 5, 6 and 7, dealing with the attachments and deleting the message until all large messages have had attachments saved and have been marked for deletion
  8. Click the "delete" link.
  9. Click the "purge deleted", or if you have an "empty trash" icon, click that.

Alternately, you can try to manage this through Pine:

  1. Login to mhc through a telnet or ssh session (start/run/telnet
  2. Launch pine.
    Be sure to pay attention to any messages at the bottom of the screen that prompts to save or delete sent mail.
    Assure to select the correct options and not accidentally delete sent-mail folders because we will not be able to retrieve this old sent-mail
  3. If you are not viewing your inbox, hit the M key for Main Menu, select folder list, and then incoming folders.
  4. Sort your inbox it by size by typing:
    0 (zero)
    T his will sort the messages in the inbox by size, largest at the bottom, and move your message (=>) selector to the last/largest message. The size column is the one to the right of the sender's name--column 5--and has a number in parentheses, sometimes followed by a letter: m=megabytes, k=kilobytes. Both letters are an indication of a large message.
  5. To save an attachment to your network space at MHC, open each the message and type the letter v to view attachments
  6. Use the arrow keys to move to the attachment you want to save
  7. Type the letter s, then type a new, short name for the document (use the extensions--.doc for word, .xls for excel, .ppt for powerpoint, etc when known)
  8. Press the enter key to save the attachment to mhc home directory (your mhc network space).
  9. Now delete the message in Pine by typing the letter d.
  10. Repeat steps 5-9, dealing with the attachments and deleting the message until all large messages have been dealt with.
  11. Quit pine by typing the letter q, and when asked if you want to expunge the deleted messages, reply by typing y.

If you have difficulty with any of these instructions, please give the helpdesk a call at X-2600