McAfee Security for Mac

LITS strongly recommends you have an up-to-date antivirus software installed on your computer before you connect to the campus network.  We offer McAfee Enpoint Protection for Macintosh free of charge via a campus site license.  If you use a different anti-virus software on your computer you ar not required to use the MHC McAfee Software.

If you choose to install McAfee you must ensure no other anti-virus software is installed.  

    • Go to the Applications folder and REVIEW your list of applications.  If anything appears to be virus software, ie. Norton, Sophos, AVG, google the name to confirm that the software is virus-scan related and drag the application into the trash to uninstall.
    • You will now proceed to install McAfee from our Software Distribution Server, Ambr. 
  • From "Finder" menu click "Connect to Server" and type smb://ambr/distribution
  • When prompted for a username, select "Guest" and  click "Connect"
  • Open “Anti-virus” and then "macintosh"
  • Choose the folder with your operating system version, "McAfee_Anti-Malware X.7-X.10" is most likely what you'll need.
  • Drag the "VSM980-RTW-1791.dmg" to your desktop and double click.   
  • Double click the "VSM980-RTW-1791" folder and then double click "VSM980-RTW-1791.pkg", this will begin the installation process.
  • Click "Continue" and "Agree" to the license and accept the default settings 
  • Click "Install", the installer will ask for your MAC administrator name and password.
  • After username/password is entered, the installation will continue to run until it is finished
  • Once it is done select "Close"
  • You can drag any leftover McAfee folders to the trash to disconnect
  • When these steps are complete McAfee Enpoint Protection for Mac will be set for automatic updates and protection.