McAfee Security for Mac

LITS strongly recommends you have an up-to-date antivirus software installed on your computer before you connect to the campus network.  We offer McAfee Enterprise free of charge via a campus site license.  If you have another anti-virus software on your computer, you are not required to use our software.

If you choose to install McAfee you must ensure no other anti-virus software is installed.  

Go to the applications folder and scroll down through your list of programs.  If anything appears to be virus software, google the name to confirm that the software is virus-scan related.  If so, then drag the icon into the trashbin to uninstall.

  • From Finder Menu click Connect to Server and type :smb://ambr/distribution
  • When prompted for a username, select "Guest" and then click the connect button
  • With “Anti-virus” highlighted, click OK.
  • You should either see an anti-virus icon on your desktop or a window may also open showing the contents of the folder.  
  • Open the folder "Virex OSX" to open it.   
  • Drag the "VirusScan.mpkg" to your desktop.  The file will be copied to your local computer  
  • Double click the VirusScan.mpkg on the desktop to start the installation 
  • Agree to the license and accept the default settings, click "Continue" 
  • Select the hard drive as the destination to install the program then select "Continue"
  • The next window will give you the option to select install
  • The installer will ask for your administrator name and password.
  • After username/password is entered, the installation will continue to run until it is finished
  • Once it is done select "Close"
  • Drag "VirusScan.mpkg" to the trash
  • When these steps are complete McAfee Virex will be set for automatic updates and protection.

    If you run Mac OS 10.3 or lower, and therefore have install Virex 7.7, your final step is directily from the McAfee site DAT File for Virex 7.X