Internet & Network Access

All devices that connect to the Mount Holyoke College network need to be registered on the system before they will have internet access. This includes the obvious items such as computers and smartphones, as well as less obvious ones like network printers, ebook readers, and game consoles. There are two steps to the process:
1: connecting to the network
2: registering on the network

Connecting to the Wireless Network

MHC Faculty, Staff, Students, Trustees and long-term guests:

  • Network Name: LyonNet-Encrypt
  • Password: marylyon


  • Network Name: MHC-Guest
  • Password: (none)

Once connected to the wireless network, you should be able to connect to websites on campus.
Try going to these sites:

If you get to Webmail/Webshell or ISIS, you are properly connected to the wireless network. This is the first step to network registration.

More details on the wireless network at MHC can be found at the Wireless Network page.

Network Registration

The easiest way to initiate network registration is to try to go to an off-campus website like CNN, Tumblr, or the New York Times. Your connection will be redirected to the MHC network registration page. Sign in with your MHC username and password and complete required tasks. Make sure you read all screens and enter all required information. You will be prompted to run a program called the Bradford disposable agent as part of this process, which will verify that the college-provided antivirus is installed and the system is fully patched. Faculty and staff will also be presented with the Bradford prompts and should follow the limited process -- this step is new. If you experience problems, please stop by the Information Commons for assistance.

Guest Registration

Guests can register for temporary network access which expires each night. Simply connect to MHC-Guest, navigate to an off-campus page such as Facebook, Tumblr, or CNN, enter your email address as requested, and follow instructions. Guests can also register for extended network access.

Unable to connect? Troubleshooting Your Connection

Registering Other Devices - Manual Registration

Most devices that have some sort of a web browser installed can go through the regular registration process directly on the device. Some devices cannot complete the registration process themselves. In this case, they can be registered from a computer via a manual request:

  1. Log into Webmail
  2. In the Webshell area, look for the link Register for Network Use (IP request).
  3. In the link labeled Registration System, you will find a manual registration link at the bottom of the normal registration page.
  4. To complete the manual registration, you will need the MAC address of your device. The manual registration page has more information about the MAC address and how to find it. Processing of the manual registration is normally done within a working day.

MHC Supplied Computers

The Community Technical Support (CTS) department connects the systems that they install to the network at the time of installation. They complete the registration process of all the computers within offices and labs. Should you ever turn on a MHC (LITS) supplied computer and happen to see the network registration page, please contact the helpdesk at x2600 for assistance.