Map Network Drives – Windows PC

Map a drive on a Windows system:

1. Right click on my computer and choose Map Network Drive.

2. Drive:  leave default.  

3. Folder: enter in the share name: start with \\

  • Department Shared Folder: \\ambr\depts
  • Personal Web: \\webspace\yourusername
  • Department WebSite: \\webspace\web
  • Personal File Storage: \\mhc\yourusername
  • Student Org Web site: \\webspace\web\org

5. Click the link "different user name", and proceed in entering in your mhc username and password.

  • Often, when people are unable to connect, it is because they are not clicking this option.
  • Be sure to not type any more than 8 characters for your password. (Windows networking only sees the first 8)

6. Click OK to continue.

7. Click Finish.

Once connected, an open window should appear containing the files located within that mapped "space". At any time, until you reboot, you may return to this space by double-clicking the my computer icon where you will find an icon for this mapped drive.