Mount Network Drive – Mac OSX

Macintosh - How to Mount a Network Drive

  • Be sure that "Finder" is appearing on the top left of your screen (Click anywhere on the desktop background.)
  • Click the Go menu at the top of your screen and choose connect to server
  • Type into the Server Address field one of the following addresses, substituting your MHC username where stated:
 Personal Web Site/Space  smb://webspace/yourusername
 Departmental Web Space  smb://webspace/web
 Student Org Web Space  smb://webspace/web/org
 Course Website Space  smb://webspace/web/courses/yourusername
 All Course Website Spaces  smb://webspace/web/courses
 Departmental File Storage  smb://ambr/depts
 Personal File Storage  smb://mhc/yourusername
 Mac Software for Distribution  macdist
  • You may click the plus sign at the right off the address field to add them to your favorites list
  • Click the connect button, or double-click the server within your favorites list to connect
  • Provide your MHC username and password in the next window
  • Shortly afterwards an icon will appear on your desktop and a window should appear showing the files that live on that server

Please contact or call X-2600 if you experience and problems or have questions.

Please note

If your old connections to the webserver are listed highlight them and click the remove button.  Eventually they will no longer will function.

machome = MHC Home Directory
macdist = Software Distribution
www = webspace (where files for webpages are stored)
macwg = workgroups
maconcampus = OnCampus (courses)