MHC Local Network Space

Mount Holyoke offers several options for hosting files on the campus network. Below are some of the most commonly used network spaces. Please read further or contact the Help Desk if you have any questions.

Private Network Space: /mhc/USERNAME

MAC: Go -> Connect to Server -> smb://mhc/USERNAME
PC: Map Network Drive: \\mhc\USERNAME

Individual Web Space: /webspace/USERNAME

MAC: Go -> Connect to Server -> smb://webspace/USERNAME
PC: Map Network Drive: \\webspace\USERNAME

Course Web Space (faculty only): /ambr/webcourses/USERNAME

MAC: Go -> Connect to Server -> smb://ambr/webcourses/USERNAME
PC: Map Network Drive: \\ambr\webcourses\USERNAME
Note: Most course materials should be posted online through Moodle.

Shared Departmental Space: /ambr/depts

MAC: Go -> Connect to Server -> smb://ambr/depts
PC: Map Network Drive: \\ambr\depts 

Local File Space by Function

Here is a complete list of local file spaces by function along with instructions on how to map to specific network spaces.

Off-Campus Access

You can connect to your network spaces from off-campus via FTP, using either WinSCP for PC or Fugu for Mac.

Faculty and Staff can also use the VPN service to map network drives just as if they were on campus.

Further Resources

  • Student Web Technology Consultants (SwebTechs) provide student support and training on Web-related topics and various software applications, as well as limited one-on-one lab assistance.