New Computer

Educational Technology Purchasing Program

Mount Holyoke offers an excellent educational technology purchasing program in collaboration with the Smith College Computer Store.  Purchasing options include hardware and software, all with educational discounts from Apple, Dell, Microsoft and Adobe. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to purchase your technology through this exciting program.

Vendor Discounts

  • As a member of the MHC community, you can also receive an educational discount when you order through these vendors:


Dell offers significant savings on computer purchases for MHC community members. Use the special MHC-only link to customize your Dell system online at educational pricing (available only on-campus).


Apple offers educational discounts for students, faculty, and staff online at the Apple Store as well as at Apple Retail Stores.

System Specification Recommendations

For information regarding our minimum system specifications, please refer to our standards pages: Hardware and Software; the specifications for the MHC-owned systems are also what we recommend for individual purchases.