Obtain, Install, and Configure WinSCP

Access Webspace from Off-Campus on a PC

WinSCP is a program which will allow you to drag and drop files securely to and from your MHC network spaces and webspace while using a PC/Windows computer off-campus.

  1. Launch a browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer, and go to the WinSCP Web site.
  2. Click the link "Installation Package" for the latest version that is not a beta version.
  3. On the next page that opens, select a location to download from. We recommend selecting one that is within the USA for download speed reasons. Click the link "Download" located download column, and when asked to save the file to disk select to save the file. (Your desktop would be the preferred location.)
  4. Doubleclick the winscp setup.exe file that you just downloaded:
    • Welcome to the Setup Wizard, click next
    • GNU Public License, click next
    • Leave location as stated: in program files folder, click next
    • Full installation is recommended, click next
    • The WinSCP folder is fine, click next
    • The default checkbox options are fine, however you can customize if you wish. Click next
    • Most people prefer the "explorer interface" rather than the Norton. Make your selection and click next
    • Finally click the Install button(you may be required to restart)
  5. Launch WinSCP: Go to the start menu, programs, into the WinSCP folder, and then click the WinSCP icon
  6. The WinSCP Login page should appear. You need to add MHC as a stored connection:
    • Click the new button on the upper right
    • for Host Name, enter in:
      • mhc.mtholyoke.edu for network space (files)
      • webspace.mtholyoke.edu for Webspace (Web pages)
    • Fill in the username field with your MHC username (without the @mtholyoke.edu)
    • Select the button for SFTP down near the bottom
    • Click the Save button
    • Give the session a name such as MHC webspace or filespace, and then click the OK button
  7. Highlight the saved entry that you just made from the list, and then click the login button at the bottom of the window.
  8. Only this first login, you may get a warning that the server's "host key is not cached." Click "yes" to trust the host, connect and add the key to the cache.
  9. Enter your MHC password and click the OK button (This is the same as your MHC email password)

Connection should now be established and a new window containing your files should open. You have the ability to click, hold and drag files to and from this open window to your local computer - as if it simply were just another file exploration window on your own computer.


  • If connected to your network space, you should be presented with a listing of the files within your personal root folder. Simply drag and drop files to or from your network space.
  • If you wish to navigate to your departmental network space, click the small icon titled "root". This will take you to the “root” directory.
  • From there you need to double-click ambr, and then double-click depts. The address bar should then appear like so:

Things should appear familiar here, and you can now navigate to the appropriate folder containing your department files.


If connected to your "Webspace", you should be presented with a listing of the files related to your personal Web site. If you wish to navigate to your departmental Webspace, click the small icon titled "world", which is directly under the "root" listing on the left of the window.

From here you need to double-click web.

Things should appear familiar from here, and you can now navigate to the appropriate folder containing your department Web site.

  • Most people’s sites exist within the offices folder.
  • For "Web course" access, select the "root" to navigate to the Web courses folder.
  • You cannot work real-time off the network, you must "pull down" a local copy, and then send back up any revised editions.

If you need more help, see the WinSCP FAQ document.