Phish Bowl: Fraudulent Email Alerts

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Here in the MHC Phish Bowl you can check for recent fraudulent email examples. If you receive a suspicious email or are unsure about an email, check here for the latest alerts.

If you find the suspicious email here or in the link above, please mark your email as spam and you're done. If it's not noted here, please forward it to It will be added so others are aware of it.

If you responded to a suspicious email and/or clicked on a link and entered any account or personal information, please immediately contact the Help Desk at and reset your account password to prevent scammers from using your account.

Additional tips for avoiding phishing attempts:

  • Do NOT assume a suspect email is safe just because it is not listed here. There are many variants, and new malicious emails are being sent out each day. When in doubt, consult the LITS helpdesk at x2600.
  • Watch out for emails asking you to login to your GMail, PayPal, Ebay or Bank account. You'll be asked to follow a link in the email, which will take you to an official-looking site where your details will then be stolen. When in doubt type the institution's web address in your browser manually or contact the institution directly at a known good phone number or email address. Don't follow email links.
  • Look for spelling and grammatical errors which are frequently an indicator of spam and phishing.
  • Look at the link, 'mouse hover' over the link to view it, is the web address correct for where you expect to go?
  • Does the email request you to reveal any personal information?
  • Does the email entice you, or threaten you, and urge immediate action?

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