Virtual Computing Lab

Mount Holyoke College manages a Virtual Computing Lab with the other 5-college instututions. Virtual computers that have MHC-licensed software are now being hosted online, accessible through a remote desktop session from your computer. The virtual machines can be accessed any time of day, from any computer, personal or MHC-owned, Mac or PC.

The virtual machines run Windows 7 as the Operating System and have the following software pre-installed:

  • MS Excel
  • MS OneNote
  • MS Powerpoint
  • MS Project
  • MS Publisher
  • MS Word
  • SPSS

Local printers, hard drives, mapped drives and USB drives will be visible and accessible on the virtual machine.

Please visit to the How-To section to get started or connect to VCL to login and reserve a session.  

For questions, comments, or to report issues, please email