Virtual Private Network (VPN)

What is the MHC VPN?

VPN is software that allows faculty, staff & current students to connect a remote computer (like your computer at home) to the Mount Holyoke network, so that you have access to all of our on-campus resources, keyserved software (on college-provided machines), network spaces, and databases from off-campus.

How do I connect?

Using the VPN requires a current computer and up-to-date browser software.  Having your computer settings correct can be the most challenging part of the installation and connection to the MHC VPN.  Make sure your computer's Operating System, Windows or Mac OS, is up to date; make sure your web browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, InternetExplorer is up to date.

TheMHC VPN installs a program onto your computer, Network Connect.  Once installed you can open the program directly from your computer, and the connection will be established.  

You can download the software here, or please email the Tech Help Desk for links to the installer appropriate for your computer.

Other Off-Campus Access Tools

Subscription library databases can be accessed from off-campus using the proxy server.