Network Connect

As of July 2016 please use the NEW VPN Software, Global Connect(PVPN)

How do I connect? - The information contained on this page is only for faculty, students or staff who are off campus over the summer 2016.  As of July 1, 2016 we have new VPN software which is linked above.  

Using the VPN requires a current computer and up-to-date browser software.  Having your computer settings correct can be the most challenging part of the installation and connection to the MHC VPN.  Make sure your computer's Operating System, Windows or Mac OS, is up to date; make sure your web browser, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, InternetExplorer is up to date.

The MHC VPN will install Network Connect software on your computer.  Once installed you can open the program directly from your computer, and the connection will be established.  

We recommend you install from the MHC Google Drive.  To determine Windows Version, 64 vs 32 bit, right click your My Computer icon and choose Properties.   The Properties will indicate which you should choose.  

Choose all default options for the install. 

Google Drive Installers - Require an MHC Login

Web Installer

    • Web Installer (requires Java and browser software to be up to date)

Once you download and install this software, go to your list of programs on your computer and search for the program titled "Network Connect".  Mac users may have to hold down the control-key while double-clicking it in order to get the "open" button to appear -- an OS security feature.

Once it launches, assure that is there in the top bar once the program launches.  (If blank upon first launch, type and hit enter  The center of the page should refresh, asking for your name and password.)

Once connected, your computer will be virtually connected to the college network, as if it were physically located on-campus.  All on-campus resources would then be available to you, such as mapping drives, on-line library resources, printers, and remote desktop connections.

Be sure to sign out and quit Network Connect when finished your MHC-related activity, otherwise all your internet traffic will be tunneled through MHC, which is usually unnecessary for normal activity and can also result in a slower experience for streaming media.