A wireless network name is also called the SSID. The following SSIDs are available at MHC:
Wireless Network (SSID) Notes


  • Primary wireless network for faculty, staff and students
  • Encryption uses WPA/PSK TKIP (WPA Personal)
  • Passphrase: marylyon
  • Primary wireless network for guests
  • No encryption

To connect a device without a web-browser, ie. wireless printer, ChromeCast, Appletv, Playstation, Xbox or Wii, 
use MHC wireless network and submit your device information for full access here.

Refer to the wireless map to find wireless-accessible areas on campus.  (PDF Version.)

Wireless map - select image for enlarged view


  • Check the map to be sure you are in a wireless zone.
  • Check your computer's wireless on/off button (many PCs have a switch on the side).
  • Try to manually set the network name (also known as the SSID) to LyonNet-Encrypt. (This name is case-sensitive; the password is "marylyon".)
    - On a PC, right click the wireless icon at bottom right of your screen.
    - On a Mac, make the change in the Airport System Preferences panel.
  • Visit the Technology Help Desk at the Information Commons, 4th floor of the Library, if you need help. We are always happy to assist.