A wireless network name is also called the SSID. The following SSIDs are available at MHC:

Wireless Network (SSID) Notes

     (passphrase: marylyon)

  • Residence Hall network and most other locations across campus -- this is the primary wireless network for all registered campus users starting January, 2012.
  • Computer registration for all regular campus users and extended-stay guests should be done using this SSID.
  • Encryption uses WPA/PSK TKIP (WPA Personal)
  • Passphrase: marylyon
  • Provides limited internet access, not for use by MHC students.  
  • This allows campus guests to have limited internet access, email and web browsing, without having to register the computer.

Once your computer has connected to the College network, you should be able to get to Mount Holyoke sites (Webmail, ISIS). In order to connect to off-campus sites you will need to register your computer.  

Refer to the wireless map to find wireless-accessible areas on campus.  (PDF Version.) Printed maps are available throughout the LITS complex for your convenience, near the main entryways and at the Information commons. 

wireless map

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  • Check the map to be sure you are in a wireless zone.
  • Check your computer's wireless on/off button (many PCs have a switch on the side).
  • Try to manually set the network name (also known as the SSID) to LyonNet-Encrypt. (This name is case-sensitive; the password is "marylyon".)
    - On a PC, right click the wireless icon at bottom right of your screen.
    - On a Mac, make the change in the Airport System Preferences panel.
  • Visit the desk at the Information Commons, 4th floor of the Library, if you need help. We are always happy to assist.