Connecting to Wireless on a PC

The following information will help you set up your wireless client to connect to the college using the built in Windows drivers for your wireless network card. If you use the network utilities that came with your wireless card, you may use this page as a reference only. The actual instructions will vary from what you see here.

Double click on the wireless icon in your system tray.

If you do not see any Wireless Networks, select the "Refresh network list" under Network Tasks.

You should see:

  • MHC
  • LyonNet-Encrypt

Select the LyonNet-Encrypt listing and select the "Connect" button. 

You then will be presented with a dialog box to enter a pre-shared key.

Enter the following key:


and then select the "Connect" button.

You should now be connected to the network.

No Wireless Icon in the System Tray

You will not see the above icon.


If you do not have the wireless icon in your system tray, you'll have to configure your wireless card through your system's control panel. (Most of the time it can be found in your Start Menu.)

Select the Network Connections icon and then find your wireless network card in the list of adapters.

Right click on the icon and select the option:

"View Available Wireless Networks"

(If the card is "disabled" you'll need to enable it before you will see the option.)