Connect from Off Campus

Off-Campus Access to LITS Resources and Services

Stay connected to LITS resources and services while you're off-campus, whether at home or travelling around the world.

Library Subscription Databases - Use the links to these databases on the E-Resources A-Z page or from one of the Library Research Guides.  These links have extra code built in so that the proxy server will be activated and you will be directed to enter your regular MHC username and password. Once you have logged in, you will have access to the database just as if you were on campus.  No special software or new passwords required!  Note: some universities in other countries block a port that is required by our proxy server. If you have trouble connecting, contact us or try a different internet hot spot.

Note: Off-campus access is only available to current MHC students, staff, faculty, and those who have emeritus status. 

Using the VPN - An alternative to using the proxied links described above, is to set your computer up to route through the MHC Campus network entirely by using the Virtual Private Network.   This will mimic being on campus in terms of accessing specially licensed or restricted resources.  Using the VPN requires some set-up, but is not difficult.

RefWorks - Refworks can be accessed from off campus, however you will need to be ON CAMPUS or else get a special Group Code from us in order to first set up your Refworks account. Once you have created your account, to logon from off campus, you'll only need your username & password. Please email the Research and Instructional Support (RIS) team if you need the Mount Holyoke group code.  To access RefWorks from anywhere, you will go to, then login to your personal account and use RefWorks as you would on campus.

Research Help - Even though you are off campus, you still have access to research help from Mount Holyoke librarians. Use the Contact Us page to chat, e-mail, or phone.

For more information, contact us or visit our Travel Resources Guide for even more tips on travelling.