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Please contact Conference and Event Services to reserve any of the rooms listed below (except room 418) prior to filling out this request form, they can be reached at

To ensure a successful "Video Conferencing Event", please allow an ample amount of time for network connective testing to the remote site or sites and any other various important video conferencing details that may need to be worked out before the event takes place.  Please schedule your event at least one week in advance

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Due to advances in unified communications technology, Media Resources is no longer offering technical support for Skype. Skype is still available on college computers for general use but due to concerns about its reliability and the lack of vendor support from Microsoft, Media Resources now recommends a videoconferencing service called Zoom. Zoom offers a cloud-based videoconference solution, which is more reliable, supportable and just as easy to use as Skype as well as offering additional functionality. Media Resources can provide you with training and assistance in using Zoom on request.