Videography Services

Media Services is now able to offer limited videography service in support of academic events and programs.

Service Priorities

When there are competing demands, academic events with a greater campus-wide audience and public appeal will take priority over events with a narrower audience focus.

Priorities are as follows:

  1. Campus-wide major events (e.g. Commencement, Inauguration) – LITS generally supports Communications leadership for these types of events
  2. Campus-wide, Five Colleges-sponsored, and intercollegiate student academic events (e.g. LEAP, Senior Symposium, Glascock)
  3. Academic events - department, Centers, and faculty-sponsored (e.g. guest lecturers, recitals, concerts, symposia)
  4. Course related video needs 
  5. Other priority campus events if time and resources allow

 For videography needs that we are unable to meet, academic event organizers may contract with  outside firms for videography services.