Spring 2005 Seminar

Library Information Technology Services (LITS)
Foreign Language Executive Committee (FLEX)

Date, Time and Location
12:00-2:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 11, 2005
LRC Lounge, Ciruti Center

Faculty Panel
Six faculty members from departments of German, Spanish, Latina/o, Latin American Studies, Italian, French and Asian Studies will form a faculty panel. They will demonstrate how they have integrated instructional technology into their courses, emphasizing the pedagogical use of various technology tools.

The following is a list of the presenters and their topics:

  • Donna Van Handle, Senior Lecturer, Department of German Studies
    Donna will explain and demonstrate how she has been using the Web as an integral part of her teaching for the past 7 years. She will also briefly show the online placement exam for German she has created.
  • Christian Gundermann, Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish
    Christian will demonstrate his use of digital voice recordings in an advanced conversation course where all assignments were turned in on WebCT.
  • Indira Peterson, Professor, Asian Studies Program
    Indira will do a presentation on her use of images archived in ContentDM (MHC digital collections) in the culture courses that she teaches, in such areas as Hindu mythology, Indian epics, Indian civilization and Indian literature.
  • Gabriele Wittig Davis, Professor and Chair, Department of German Studies
    Gabi will describe her experiences with a video-conferencing course on Weimar German cinema, a class team-taught this spring with Robert Davis at Smith College.
  •  Tania Convertini, Visiting Instructor in Italian, Department of Classic and Italian
    Tania will explain the organization of a creative video project assignment that involves the active and practical use of different language skills. This project has been a part of her curriculum for the last two years with great results.
  • Nicole Vaget, Reverend Joseph Paradis Professor of French, Department of French
    Nicole will show her use of “Digital Story Telling” and “Text Encoding Initiative” technologies at the intermediate language level (French 203) and at the advanced level (French 370)

Shaoping Moss, Information Technology Consultant, Research and Instructional Support, will illustrate some useful web resources in teaching foreign languages and cultures.

This event is funded by a grant from the 2010 Innovation Fund at MHC. A complimentary luncheon featuring Chinese dishes of shrimp, chicken, beef, vegetables, lo mein and drinks will be provided.