Spring 2006 Seminar

Teaching Languages and Cultures with Innovative Technologies

Library Information Technology Services (LITS)
Foreign Language Executive Committee (FLEX)

Date, Time and Location
12:00-2:00 p.m., Thursday, May 18, 2006
LRC Lounge, Ciruti Center

Faculty Panel
Four faculty members from the departments of German, Spanish, French and Asian Studies will showcase innovative applications of several technology tools used during this academic year. The following is a list of the presenters and their topics:

1) Synchronous Online Communication via Skype
Yuko Kawahara -- Asian 222, 324, (fall 05) and Asian 223, 326 (spring 06)
Yuko conducted a number of voice-over-IP sessions with students at MHC communicating with students attending a sister college in Tokyo. She will talk about how this technology has helped her students develop their listening and speaking skills and will show a live audio communication using Skype.

2) Asynchronous Online Communication through WebCT
Gary Schmidt -- German 222 (fall 05)
Gary’s presentation will describe an exchange of views between students in German 222 and students attending a gymnasium in Wasserburg, Germany.

3) Integrating Multimedia in Teaching and Learning Spanish as a Foreign Language
Thelma Belmonte-Alcantara -- Spanish 102, 200, 210 (spring 06)
Thelma will demonstrate how she has integrated audio and video technologies in teaching Spanish language courses and discuss their impact upon students' language skills.

4) Encoding of literary texts using XML/TEI
Nicole Vaget -- French 331 (fall 05)
Nicole will show a collective team project: creating a digital critical edition of an unpublished 18th century manuscript. She will talk about the pedagogical use of XML/TEI technologies in the classroom.