About the LRC

The mission of the LRC is to foster innovation and collaboration in the teaching and learning of languages and culture throughout the campus.  We are a resource for both faculty and students, focusing on creative and effective uses of technology.  We strive to promote language learning both inside and outside of the classroom.We believe that the role of a Language Resource Center in the 21st century is less about physical resources and more about community and support.  In the past, you might have sent students to the LRC to listen to tapes, but today, you and your students may visit the LRC to get new ideas and strategies for successful second language acquisition and to connect and collaborate with other instructors and learners.

The LRC at Mount Holyoke College is located in Room 6 on the lower level of the Ciruti Center for Foreign Languages (campus map). The LRC supports language learners and instructors in all of the languages taught at MHC, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, ancient Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Russian, Sanskrit, and Spanish. We also encourage and support language study outside of the classroom context, by all members of the MHC community, including students, faculty and staff.

The Language Resource Center offers language learners and teachers a variety of media/computer equipment, software, books, films, magazines and other resources to support the process of language acquisition. LRC staff offer technical support to language students and language faculty, and for the Ciruti classrooms. Perhaps more importantly, the LRC as a physical space seeks to encourage a sense of community among language learners and language instructors. Language study groups may gather in the LRC lounge and language mentors may meet with their mentee in the small group room. Students may choose to watch assigned films together, enabling discussion to deepen their understanding.