Denise Huang '16

I am from: San Francisco, California
I speak: Cantonese Chinese, elementary Korean, Mongolian and German
I like working with: Video editing, Photoshop, Illustrator
Hobbies: Food, going to museums, rediscovering my roots, trivia
Fun Fact: Dracula is one of my favorite books.

Hannah Rickard '16

International Relations
I speak: English, French, elementary Wolof and German
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype, iMovie, and proofreading
Hobbies: Singing, running, and baking
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Senegal.

Sydney Goldman '16

French and Linguistics
I speak: French, Latin, some German and Italian
I like working with: Language research guides, iMovie
Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, maps, baking bread, word games
Fun Fact: My roommate and I are working through an ice cream and hiking tour of the Pioneer Valley.

Vivian Lee '16

Biology and Art Studio
I speak: English, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish
I like working with: iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Skype
Hobbies: Film, singing, piano, guitar, ukulele, foodventures, traveling
Fun Fact: My hometown back in Oregon is near lots of farmland with occasional sightings of raccoons, deers, buffalos, cat-and-dog-snatching coyotes and skunks.

Wren Wilkins '16

East Asian Studies and Educational Studies
I speak: English, elementary Korean
I like working with: Microsoft Office, iMovie, Audacity, language software
Hobbies: Dancing and singing karaoke
Fun Fact: In Fall 2014, I studied abroad in South Korea!

Annabelle Ooi '17

Biology and Psychology
I speak: English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, elementary Japanese
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype, iMovie
Hobbies: J-Pop dancing, Korean variety shows, foodtours with friends
Fun Fact: I will have learned three foreign languages (Japanese, German, Korean) at MHC after this semester!

Hallie Twiss '17

I speak: French, Latin, elementary Spanish and Italian
I like working with: Mircrosoft, Apple, Skype
Hobbies: Hiking, yoga, playing guitar
Fun Fact: I'm from Washington state!

Tam Tran The  ‘17

I am from: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
I speak: English, Vietnamese, elementary French
I like working with: Anything!
Hobbies: Traveling, listening to music, and playing with dogs
Fun Fact: I love wearing áo dài, my country's traditional dress.

Sarjana Jaiswal '18

Economics and Psychology
I speak: English, Hindi, elementary Spanish 
I like working with: Photoshop, Audacity, iMovie, Pages
Hobbies: Dancing, traveling, talking, detective shows
Fun Fact: If you list any 25 random items, I can repeat them in the exact same order!

Sophie Le '18

I speak: English, Vietnamese, elementary Mandarin Chinese
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype
Hobbies: trying new foods, editing food pictures, doing math problems, reading novels and watching series
Fun Fact: Wearing dresses helps elevate my mood during rainy days.