Consultant Profiles

Maimouna Dieye '14

Psychology Major and Arabic Minor
I am from: Dakar, Senegal and Manhattan, NY
I speak: English, Wolof, French, and Arabic
I like working with: Audacity and language software
Hobby: Reading, karate, yoga, and watching Korean dramas
Fun Fact: I can make basic solar panels

Dayita Nereyeth '15

I am from: Bangalore, India
I speak: English, German, Kannada, and Hindi
I like working with: Microsoft Office and Skype
Hobby: Listening to music, reading, dancing, decorating, playing the piano, and watching TV
Fun Fact: I love doing yoga

Rocío Ramirez '15

Romance Languages and Cultures
I am from: Los Angeles California
I speak: English, Spanish, and Italian
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Audacity, and iMovie
Hobby: Listening to music, spending time with friends, and laughing
Fun Fact: I love bike riding at night and eating frozen yogurt

Arati Sharma '15

Economics and Computer Science
I am from: Kathmandu, Nepal
I speak: English, Nepali, and French
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Eyejot, Ella, and Skype
Hobby: Listening to music, playing the ukulele, reading, and watching movies
Fun Fact: I have changed schools 11 times in my life!

Samantha Silva '14

Undeclared Major
I am from: Vitoria, Brazil
I speak: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and French
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype, EyeJot, and Ella
Hobby: I love roller coasters!
Fun Fact: The first time I saw snow was here at Mount Holyoke!

Emily Nichols ‘16

German + French Major
I am from: Canton, Connecticut
I speak: English, Spanish, German, Elementary French
I like working with: Skype, Language Software, iMovie, Microsoft Word
Hobbies: Traveling, baking, yoga, hiking
Fun Fact: I can also converse in fluent Pig Latin!

Denise Huang ‘16

I am from: San Francisco, California
I speak: English, Chinese, German, and basic Korean and Spanish
I like working with: Video programs, PowerPoint and Photoshop
Hobbies: Reading, decorating, studying maps and watching Jeopardy!
Fun Fact: My favorite Pokemon is Psyduck

Jade Ngo ‘16

International Relations and German Studies
I am from: Nam Dinh, Vietnam
I speak: English, Vietnamese, German, Italian and some Mandarin
I like working with: Skype, Language Softwares, everything Mac
Hobbies: Music, music, and music
Fun Fact: I believe the cats created the internet to draw attention to themselves

Veronika Mak  ‘16

Psychology and Education
I am from: Jaszbereny, Hungary
I speak: English, Hungarian, advanced Spanish
I like working with: Microsoft Office, EyeJot, Skype, Google, Moodle, YouTube
Hobbies: Crafts, music, traveling
Fun Fact: I love baking; I always find a reason to bake

Vivian Lee '16

Asian Studies, Art Studio and Biological Sciences
I am from: Portland, Oregon
I speak: English, Chinese, Spanish
I like working with: Skype, EyeJot, Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Office
Hobby: Baking, playing the piano and guitar, tennis, rafting, painting, and photography
Fun Fact: I can touch my nose with my tongue!

Yixi Chen '16

History and Sociology
I am from: Ningbo, China
I speak: English, Chinese, French
I like working with: EyeJoy, Digital Dictee, Microsoft Office
Hobby: Painting, playing Ping-Pong and making Chinese cuisine!
Fun Fact: I love reading same books over and over again!

Sydney Goldman '16

Linguistics and French
I am from: Sharon, Massachusetts
I speak: English, French, some German and Italian, Latin
I like working with: Language software, iMovie
Hobby: Ultimate frisbee, skiing, sailing, and crafting
Fun Fact: I love baking lost of sorts of bread

Diami Kane '15

Economics Major and Math Minor
I am from: Senegal
I speak: English, Wolof, French, Fulah
I like working with: Audacity, Skype, Microsoft Office
Hobby: Watching shows and soccer
Fun Fact: I am addicted to chocolate

Wren Wilkins '16

East Asian Studies Major and Educational Studies minor
I am from: North Port, Florida
I speak: English, Korean
I like working with: iMovie, Microsoft, and Mango Languages
Hobby: Dancing to Kpop
Fun Fact: Back home I live on an unofficil horse senctuary

Santphina Xu '16

Physicas and Engineering
I am from: Shanghai, China
I speak: English, Mandarin, German
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Language softwares, Moodle
Hobby: Traveling, Concerts, Music, Dance
Fun Fact: I made up my English Name