Meet our consultants who keep the LRC running everyday! Between them, they have studied numerous languages, and are experienced in many softwares and technologies.

Xier Li '18

Sociology and Eastern Asian Studies

I am from: Guangzhou, China
I speak: English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, basic Japanese
I like working with: Microsoft Office, iMovie, Skype
Hobbies: Food, music, movies, traveling around
Fun Fact: My favorite hobby is lying down and doing nothing

Victoria Guerra'19

Computer Science and Art History

I am from: Miami, Florida
I speak: English, Spanish, elementary Italian
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Screen Castify and helping patrons with anything else!
Hobbies: Watching NetFlix while eating mac and cheese and cuddling my dog
Fun Fact: I climbed a beautiful 1,000 ft waterfall in Jamaica this summer and it was awesome!

Sally Shim '17

International Relations

I am from: Los Angeles, California
I speak: English, Korean and basic Mandarin Chinese
I like working with: Language programs and technology
Hobbies: Karaoke, traveling, learning languages, movies
Fun Fact: I spent my junior year studying abroad in Taiwan and traveling to other Asian countries such as Indonesia and South Korea

Nikole Giovannone'19

Undeclared major

I am from: Sandy Hook, Connecticut
I speak: English and Italian
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Jing, Wiki and much more!
Hobbies: Volunteering, being active, arts and crafts 
Fun Fact: I'd like to become a speech-language pathologist!

Xiaofan Xu '17


I am from: Shanghai, China
I speak: English, Mandarin Chinese, German
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype
Hobbies: Traveling 
Fun Fact: I have a cat. She has a Japanese name.


Bowie Kung ‘17

International Relations

I am from: Hong Kong
I speak: Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French
I like working with: Microsoft, Skype, Photoshop, iMovie, anything I know!
Hobbies: Getting lost, meeting new people, skiing, golf
Fun fact: I’m a ski instructor!

Allison Pan'19

Mathematics and Philosophy

I am from: Ningbo, China
I speak: English and Chinese
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and basic technology stuff!
Hobbies: Oil painting, watch forensic shows and fiction movies, eat snacks, sleep
Fun fact: I can memorize the 333 digits of pi!

Sandra Margaret Botha ‘17


I am from: Johannesburg, South Africa
I speak: English, Afrikaans
I like working with: All things tech related!
Hobbies: Reading, graphic design, skiing, tech-related projects
Fun fact: I've been shark cage diving with Great Whites off the coast of South Africa and I loved it!

Tam Tran The  ‘17

Economics and Math

I am from: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
I speak: English, Vietnamese, elementary French
I like working with: Anything!
Hobbies: Traveling, listening to music, and playing with dogs
Fun Fact: I love wearing áo dài, my country's traditional dress.

Sarjana Jaiswal '18

Economics and Psychology

I am from: Lucknow, India
I speak: English, Hindi, elementary Spanish 
I like working with: Photoshop, Audacity, iMovie, Pages
Hobbies: Dancing, traveling, talking, detective shows
Fun Fact: If you list any 25 random items, I can repeat them in the exact same order!

Sophie Le '18


I am from: Vung Tau City, Vietnam
I speak: English, Vietnamese, elementary Mandarin Chinese
I like working with: Microsoft Office, Skype
Hobbies: trying new foods, editing food pictures, doing math problems, reading novels and watching series
Fun Fact: Wearing dresses helps elevate my mood during rainy days.

Sania Sharif '19

Economics and International Relations

I am from: Peshawar, Pakistan
I speak: English, Pashto, elementary Urdu and Arabic
I like working on: Microsoft Office, iWork, iMovie, Skype
Hobbies:Photography, Community Service, Travel, Writing
Fun fact: I studied in Canada during the Fall 2015 semester.