Consulting and Support

LRC Services

  • Support for language learners
    • Language Q&A:  drop by the LRC at specified times to get help answering your language questions, practice your oral skills, or get language learning tips & strategies
    • Workshops for students: discover new strategies for more effective language learning
    • Language Break: Stop by the LRC during a Language Break for a treat, coffee/tea and a hands-on opportunity to try a new language learning strategy or resource
    • Consulting: Struggling to learn a language? Let us help you find effective strategies and resources to improve your language skills.
  • Faculty training and development
    • Workshops/seminars on second language acquisition, second language pedagogy and teaching languages with technology:
      • LRC Faculty Reading Group
      • Brown Bags, Workshops, Teaching/Research Forums
    • One-on-one or group appointments for training or help
    • Consulting and projects: Let us help you bring your ideas for second language research, pedagogy and/or teaching with technology, from dreams to reality!
  • Tech support for students and faculty
    • Call us if you have any trouble with classroom or office computers – we will come to your classroom immediately to troubleshoot
    • Students can also refer to the LRC with any trouble relating to technology for language learning
    • Class presentations or workshops to train students in using technologies