Equipment Available for Checkout

Most equipment checks out for 3 days at a time and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve equipment in advance or arrange for a longer loan period, please contact the LRC. For more information about borrowing equipment, please see the LRC policy on Circulation of Materials and Equipment.

A USB headset

Headsets and Microphones

Check out headsets to practice with speech recognition software, chat with a conversation partner overseas or focus on pronunciation. The LRC also has a range of microphones for audio recording projects.

A high-quality mic for making audio recordings in a multimedia studio in the LRC

Video Cameras and Tripods

A mini-DV camera can be used with special arrangementsVideo cameras are a great tool for reflection, evaluation and creativity. Video cameras can be used to record your progress in speaking languages, create a variety of digital narratives: mini-movies, short documentaries or tutorials. LRC computers also have built-in webcams which also allow video recording.

A pocket video camera available for checkout from the LRCA tripod available for checkout from the LRC
  • Pocket video cameras: check current availability
    • Kodak, Flip and Vado brands, shoot footage in a range of formats (.mp4, .mov, .avi) and at range of resolutions (from 640 to 1080p), connect to computer via USB to save video files
  • Mini-DV video cameras: check current availability
  • Webcams (USB): check current availability
    • Philips SPC900 and Logitech QuickCam USB webcams
  • Tripods: check current availability

Document cameras are available for classroom use

External Drives

For language classes that integrate digital narrative and other multimedia projects, the LRC provides USB and external hard drives to meet large-capacity storage needs. When available, these drives can also be loaned to other learners. iMac computers in the LRC and Ciruti classrooms do not have optical (DVD/CD) drives, so the LRC has 2 optical drives available for burning disks and/or accessing content which is only available on disk media.

External hard drives available for students doing multimedia projects

Keyboard Skins

 Students may use a keyboard skin to learn how to type in writing systems with different keyboard layouts. Available in Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian. 

Keyboard skins available for checkout from the LRC

An audio cassette recorder available for checkout from the LRC

Equipment Available for Use in the LRC

  • Dual-boot computers (can be used with both Mac and Windows operating systems)
  • Multiregion Blu-ray, DVD and VHS players (can play films from anywhere in the world)
  • Video editing softwares (with iMovie on Mac and Movie Maker on Windows)
  • Higher-quality microphones for audio recording
  • Laser printer and Onecard print-release station (black and white printing only)

International Cable

The LRC has international cable on the lounge TV and the multimedia studio computers. TV programs can be recorded in the multimedia studios.

Program Listings:

  • TV 5 (French)
  • SCOLA (programming from 80 countries). The LRC also offers access to SCOLA online, including the TV programming as well as a wealth of other audio/visual and study materials. Contact the LRC to get the password for SCOLA online access.