The LRC has several study spaces that cater to both individual and collaborative study habits. All of the LRC spaces can be reserved.

Photo of the LRC Computer Lab

LRC Computer Lab

The LRC has a 20-seat lab with Mac computers that provide access to specialized software, including self-study language software, proofing tools and foreign language keyboards.

Faculty are encouraged to reserve the lab for class when technology is essential. The lab can be used for in-class learning activities, such as pronunciation/phonetics practice and collaborative multimedia projects, or for regular class meeting space.

Photo of the LRC lounge

Lounge (Room 6)

The lounge is a collaborative space with access to foreign newspapers and books for pleasure reading.

The lounge may be reserved for academic activities and/or social functions such as: study abroad meetings, tutoring sessions, department meetings and teas, technology seminars and end-of-year gatherings.

Photo of the main desk in the LRC

Main Desk

The main desk provides circulation of LRC materials and course reserves (for faculty- or department-owned materials) as well as equipment checkout.

LRC student consultants are available to offer support with language-learning strategies and technology for language learning.

Photo of a multimedia studio room in the LRC

Multimedia Studios (Rooms 6D, 6E, 6F, 6G)

The LRC has four sound-proof multimedia studios each with a white board, DVD/VHS players and EyeTV (for watching or recording multiregional media).  Each room has seating for 1–3 students.

These rooms can be reserved for oral testing, Skype interviews, audio/video recording and editing, etc.

Photo of the small group room in the LRC

Small Group Room (Room 6A)

The LRC has one larger sound-proof multimedia room with a white board, DVD/VHS players and EyeTV (for watching or recording multiregional media) and a wall-mounted widescreen TV. The small group room will seat 4–6 students. 

This room is a great private space for tutoring, group projects, online video conferences (Skype and Zoom) and can be reserved.