• 20-seat computer lab for teaching or individual student study with dual-boot computers (Mac and Windows) equipped with specialized software (including self-study language software), proofing tools and foreign language fonts for word processing and web browsing
  • Faculty may reserve the LRC Lab for any (or all) of their class sessions; lab is available for individual use when not reserved for a class
  • Use the LRC Lab for in-class learning activities at computers, such as pronunciation/phonetics practice, collaborative multimedia projects, etc. Or, the Lab may also serve as your regular course meeting space.
  • Additional tables and chairs for quiet individual study or work on laptops
  • Foreign language newspapers available in the lab: please help yourself (free) and enjoy

Multimedia Studios (Rooms 6D, 6E, 6F, 6G)

  • 4 sound-proofed multimedia studios for viewing multiregion films, video capture and editing, audio/video recording, oral testing, etc.
  • Viewing and recording international cable T.V.
  • Studio computers have large screens to enable collaborative work
  • Can seat 1-3 students

Small Group Room (Room 6A)

  • Same audio-visual/computer equipment as the multimedia studios but large enough to accommodate a small group of 4-6 students
  • Great private space for tutoring
  • Large-screen T.V. mounted on wall and connected to computer; effective for group work on projects, videoconference with Skype, etc.

Lounge (Room 6)

  • Comfy lounge with 18 channels of international cable T.V. and wireless Internet
  • SCOLA on cable T.V. and the Internet (programming from 80 countries; contact LRC for SCOLA online password)
  • Large-screen T.V. for group viewing of films/T.V.
  • Tables and chairs for interactive group work and individual study
  • The lounge may be reserved for academic activities and/or social functions. Study abroad meetings, tutoring sessions, department meetings and teas, technology seminars, end-of-year gatherings and department at-homes are a few of the recent events held in the LRC lounge.

Main Desk

  • Circulation of LRC materials and course reserves (for faculty- or department-owned materials)
  • Equipment checkout: headsets/microphones, webcams, pocket video cameras, CD/tape players, mini-DV and VHS video cameras, slide projectors, etc.
  • Growing selection of learning materials, including videos, tapes, software, and dictionaries
  • LRC student consultants are available to offer support with language-learning strategies and technology for language learning.

Reserving the LRC

Any of the LRC spaces can be reserved. You may submit a reservation online, or you can email (lrc@mtholyoke.edu) or call (x3513) the LRC. Read more info about reserving and using the space.