Request a Tell Me More Account

Request a Tell Me More Account (online form)

Use this form to:

  • Request an account to study a language online through the "Tell Me More" platform
  • See our software page for more information about Tell Me More.

Reserve the LRC

LRC Reservation Form (online form)

Use this form to:

LRC Reserves/Screenings

LRC Reserves/Screenings Form (PDF format; print, complete, and bring to LRC with item[s]. Printed copies available at LRC main desk.)

Use this form to:

  • Place items owned by faculty/departments on reserve in the LRC, and/or
  • Schedule screenings in Ciruti of films owned by faculty/departments

Related LITS Forms

(We cannot place items owned by the MHC library, or any other library, on reserve in the LRC. These items must be placed on reserve through the main library.)

LITS Print Reserves Form: to place books already owned by MHC library on reserve at the main library

LITS Reserve Book Purchase Request: if the MHC library does not yet own the books you'd like to have on reserve

LITS Video Request Form: this form is used for any of the following purposes

  • to place videos on reserve at the main library
  • to request streaming videos for your ella site
  • to request the purchase of a new video, and/or
  • to schedule a screening of a video owned by the MHC library

(Although LRC staff handle all screenings in Ciruti on behalf of LITS, you do not need to contact the LRC separately. When you submit the LITS Video Request Form, the screening information is automatically passed on to the LRC.)